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How ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator Unlocks DevOps Potential

ASG is fortunate to have long and deep relationships with customers around the world, including many in the insurance industry. We meet with our customers as often as possible, touching base about their latest needs, emerging challenges in the industry and how our solutions can evolve to meet both. (Contact us to learn where we’ll be.)

My recent visit with one of the largest health insurance carriers in the U.S. emphasized a trend that has risen to the forefront in recent months: Forward-thinking enterprises are keen to adopt DevOps and to automate the coordination of all their DevOps tools from a central console.

DevOps has become both critical and mandatory for large enterprises, especially when it comes to managing the end-to-end execution of crucial value streams. However, not every enterprise is currently set up to enable a DevOps strategy. In the case of a large insurance company, there may be tens of thousands of processes spanning multiple tech stacks—from the mainframe to the cloud. With limited visibility and integration, it becomes near impossible for businesses to improve results from their value streams.

To enable DevOps, enterprises require best-of-breed, mix-and-match tools that support the full lifecycle—and new, better tools are emerging at a fast pace. Enterprises must be able to integrate DevOps tools into a seamless process, swapping out old tools for new ones easily. They also need automated work scheduling and job management of the new releases delivered by the DevOps lifecycle. With so many moving parts, it’s important that not only are the right tools obtained, but that automation chains the tools’ work together and seamlessly automates the production workloads.

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator delivers both capabilities to advance DevOps adoption and value. It combines all workload automation and automates tasks into a single end-to-end value stream controlled from one console—making it easier for enterprises to increase output, reduce time-to-market and increase margins from a single view. ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator also orchestrates end-to-end processes across multiple technology stacks—including on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid platforms—and software development lifecycle stages. With the ability to support DevOps and integrate with enterprise cloud utilities such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), enterprises gain visibility and the DevOps tool-chain coordination required to optimize their value streams.

As more enterprises adopt, automate and centralize DevOps, operations management capabilities will become even more vital. To learn more about ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator, visit this product page or read this data sheet on managing end-to-end value stream control.