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How to Take Advantage of Cloud Capabilities

How do you get the best results from cloud deployed applications? 

As organizations continue to make the cloud a standard part of the IT infrastructure, they ask us “are we getting the most from our cloud deployment?” Companies are adopting the cloud for its low-cost, scalable storage, the flexibility of infrastructure on demand and to increase the speed of new application deployment. The major cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, are racing to avoid commoditization by differentiating their offerings with unique capabilities to provide value to their customers and to drive growth. Amazon announced more than 20 updates to AWS in February alone, and Microsoft has posted even more updates and enhancements, many of which drive flexibility of deployment, scalable performance and storage and security. But, if your software hasn’t been designed for the cloud and doesn’t take advantage of these cloud capabilities, you don’t maximize the benefits of cloud innovation.

Pick an application that’s been built with modern cloud deployment in mind.

ASG has advanced our products to ensure our customers can leverage all the benefits of their cloud platform of choice. The new release of our content services platform, Mobius 9.1, is a modern application platform designed to meet customer needs for content management and delivery—and, when run from the cloud, to make the most of those native cloud capabilities.

Mobius is a set of granular services for capturing content and managing its lifecycle, including creating electronic records and delivering it to people and processes. Mobius also provides content security and supports our customers’ regulatory compliance programs. This architectural evolution, combined with Mobius’s unique capability to ingest, run and access data anywhere, makes it an ideal choice for managing large volumes of content in the cloud or on premises. In fact, ASG customers have chosen to modernize their IT infrastructure and consolidate legacy repositories into Mobius as part of their cloud projects.

Choose a product that isn’t just “cloud-friendly,” but one that delivers full value of the cloud.

Unlike many competitors, ASG is differentiating Mobius by not simply coexisting with cloud platforms and instead fully integrating with cloud provider capabilities. While others talk of being “cloud-friendly,” ASG has chosen to enable our customers to realize the full benefits of moving their content applications to the cloud.  
As shown in the table below, Mobius has tightly integrated with the cloud capabilities provided by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. From cloud-attached storage to auto-scaling of the processors, Mobius provides broad integration to the cloud experience—guaranteeing our customers can leverage the capabilities available to them for the greatest return on their investment in Mobius and the cloud. Mobius also supports containerized deployment through Docker for easy, direct cloud implementation.
Cloud Capabilities Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure
Auto-Scaling Mobius Nodes Auto-Scaling Group Azure App Service
Load Balancing Requests Elastic Load Balancing Azure Load Balancer
Cheap Scalable Storage S3 Azure Blob Storage
DNS Remapping Route 53 Azure Traffic Manager
Database Services Amazon RDS Azure SQL Database
Container (Docker) Support EC2 Container Service Docker Virtual Machine Extension
One-Step Deployment AWS CloudFormation Azure Resource Manager
File System AWS Elastic File System Azure Cloud File Storage
Automatic Scaling AWS AutoScale Triggers App-Service Environment Auto-Scale
Log Aggregation Amazon CloudWatch Logs Linux OMS Agent
And, be sure you can move to the cloud at the pace of your business.

The cloud providers will continue to innovate and deliver new capabilities that will benefit customers and software providers. In turn, ASG will continue to evaluate and leverage the new capabilities offered to ensure our customers can receive the full value of the cloud from ASG’s products. The flexibility that Mobius provides organizations to run on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid configuration, allows our customers to move to the cloud in an approach that fits the need and pace of their business transformation.
To learn more about our content services platform, visit this solutions page.
Posted: 2/19/2019 9:26:21 AM by Rob Perry
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