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Hybrid Cloud is the Future – and Yes, it’s Secure for Your Data

The cloud craze is spreading across enterprises in all industries today – though there’s nothing crazy about it. In fact, it would be somewhat crazier not to consider what cloud can do for your business. According to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report, 73% of organizations plan to optimize their use of cloud this year, making it the top technology initiative for the fourth year in a row. Another 59% of organizations expect cloud usage to exceed prior plans due to COVID-19.

Clearly many enterprises are considering the cloud, so what’s holding others back?

Until very recently, the major concern about moving to the cloud was data security and compliance demands. Organizations believed that an on-prem approach was more secure. However, more and more IT pros believe that a cloud-based approach is equally safe – with nearly 73% of IT executives being cloud believers.

The Case for Going Cloud: Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance had numerous on-premises content repositories that were tightly coupled to their core business applications. This made it difficult to migrate to the cloud and adapt to a changing infrastructure, especially since its 40+ billion records were highly sensitive. For Liberty Mutual, data security and regulatory compliance are essential. Working with ASG Mobius Content Services (Mobius) as their content management system, the firm established a primary content repository on Amazon Web Services. Moving off the mainframe to the cloud has provided Liberty Mutual with much greater control over archival, distribution, access and integration of all of the content in its company while ensuring the highest levels of data security.

A Hybrid Approach

Despite compelling use cases like Liberty Mutual’s, not every organization needs to replace its current in-house content repositories overnight. Instead, many enterprises are adopting a hybrid approach that leverages the best of all worlds – including on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services and a public cloud. According to the Flexera report, 93% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, and 87% have a hybrid cloud strategy.

The hybrid cloud has been especially valuable as organizations rapidly adopted remote work. It allows data and content to move between private repositories and public clouds as business needs and workflows change. Organizations that deploy a hybrid model also have a lower total cost of ownership than their counterparts that operate in an all-cloud environment.

3 Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud

When operating in a hybrid cloud environment, organizations need a strong records management strategy to succeed. Here are three best practices you must embrace to move forward:

  1. Evaluate your data. Assess the data you have currently, where it is located and what risk/value it represents to the organization. What can be eliminated? What is the plan for the data you must retain? How long must you keep it, where and why?
  2. Prioritize migrations and retention. Based on your assessment, can you move this information to the cloud, or does it have some sort of requirement that compels you to keep it onsite? How long should you keep it? What do you do when the information has completed its lifecycle?
  3. Stay flexible. Attain flexibility to respond to change quickly and with ease. Don’t get locked into systems and providers that take ownership of your data or make it difficult to move your data to the cloud, back on site and so forth.

As organizations continue to rethink business models, tools and processes, a hybrid cloud approach becomes an attractive option in the post-pandemic world. With content services like ASG Mobius, you can realize the cost savings and flexibility of leveraging the cloud – where and when it makes sense for your enterprise content – while ensuring data security and compliance.

To learn more about data security and a hybrid cloud approach, download this Addressing the Need for Data Security While Moving to the Cloud fact sheet ASG co-produced with AIIM. Find out how ASG Mobius Content Services can keep data safe in a hybrid cloud environment by visiting this product page. Read how Mobius helped Liberty Mutual Insurance’s move to the cloud in this case study.