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Top Takeaways from ASG’s Digital Transformation Breakfast in London

ASG hosted a Digital Transformation Breakfast in London, featuring senior decision makers from medium to large enterprises across the Financial Services, Leisure and Gaming, Public Sector and Telco industries. The event was designed to exchange the experiences and ideas of end users who are at the sharp end of delivering digital transformation to their businesses. We tackled key questions, such as:
  1. What is digital transformation to you, and why is it important? 
  2. What are your current and future strategic digital initiatives?
  3. What are the most important aspects of digital transformation for your stakeholders?
  4. What are your overall challenges in the digitization of existing services, processes, assets, etc.?
At ASG, we know that digital transformation requires a collaborative effort—both within an organization and through partnering with vendors. So, for those who couldn’t make it, here are some of the best insights from the event.

Total Transformation Doesn’t Need to Happen Overnight

One key theme that stood out was the difference between the business’ digital transformation goals—as often documented in their annual report—and the actual state of the business. One attendee likened the issue to a ladder: the business’ vision to deliver digital transformation was the nirvana, the end game, but they were still at the very bottom of the ladder with an 18-month window to deliver. In this case, the company didn’t have legacy systems to contend with but had “outdated business processes which didn’t meet the needs of the business.” In response, our ASG experts suggested they start small, don’t throw everything they currently have out, show a process improvement and grow from there.

Companies Need to Empower and Educate their End Users

Several attendees worried that their end users, the actual business recipients, need help understanding what data they want and why. One of the businesses in the room had an initiative in place to train and educate their users in this area. Afterall, how can end users know what they want and need when it comes to data, if they don’t trust where it comes from or how accurate it is?   

Businesses can’t afford to alienate the end user—instead they need to empower the user, enable them to understand the data lineage, trust it and adapt automated processes without having to ask IT for help. Trust is key, especially where compliance is involved and needs to be proved. ASG’s model-based application design tools with a low-code/no-code approach are targeted at the end user for this very reason.

Digitization is More Than Technology Upgrades

The issue of data ownership was prevalent at the event—is it the CDO, IT or the business? One attendee commented that digital transformation seems to be technology-led rather than business-led. Unfortunately, many people confuse digitization with just upgrading their systems from legacy. However, it is important to understand data flows and to use data to design products and services.

ASG’s Data Lineage tools help a business to truly understand data flows, where the data comes from, where it is going to and its impacts—especially when it comes to compliance! ASG recommends starting with a small subset of data, proving the lineage of the data and gaining the trust of the business and any auditors. Then expand from there. Don’t just throw all your systems and processes out. Instead, re-use and learn, and build in repeatability.

Next Steps for Digital Transformation

So how do companies empower end users today with the right data tools and processes? ASG sees a huge opportunity with ASG-Zenith, our digital automation platform, which brings together business process automation, robotic process automation, mobile application development and content management. Empowering the end user with an easy-to-use, flexible platform gives them confidence in their data and the ability to answer the business questions that are important to them. Still, IT is essential in this process. Digital transformation will not happen overnight—it is a carefully thought-out strategy, which can be taken in measurable, manageable steps.

Want to learn more? Get in contact with us for a short chat on how ASG has worked with businesses like yours to assist the road to digital transformation with demonstrable goals and ROI. In the meantime, read Rob Perry’s blog, “Accelerating the Pace of Digital Transformation Requires New Tools for Process Automation for more insights on ASG-Zenith.