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ASG Secures Another Win with 2018 Stratus Award for Cloud Integrator

Last week, ASG was recognized by Business Intelligence Group’s 2018 Stratus Award for Cloud Integrator. The Stratus Awards celebrate companies that are innovating in the Cloud and delivering truly differentiated offerings to the market. ASG was recognized for our ability to help customers strategically migrate to the cloud so that they can gain greater control over their archives and easily distribute, access and integrate content.

Cloud computing has rapidly transformed the landscape for how companies conduct business, consume information and approach IT. To stay competitive in today’s market, enterprises must use their information effectively and provide easy access to it from wherever and whenever. Organizations can optimize their IT infrastructures by adopting the cloud into their IT model. Many organizations are limited in this transition by the scale and complexity of current backend infrastructure. As cloud-based services become a more common part of the IT portfolio, organizations must take a methodical approach to which applications and what information to move to the cloud, and how. Before rushing to expand their cloud footprints and leverage the value it provides, enterprises must be able to manage the vast amount of information flowing throughout their organization—both in the cloud and on-premises—and plan the migration considering topics such as consolidation, federation and modernization.

ASG’s information management solutions, Enterprise Data Intelligence (DI) and Mobius Content Services, help enterprises understand what data exists in their data estate, where it came from and why they have it. With this insight, organizations can identify which data needs to be moved to the cloud and which repositories they can consolidate—lowering the cost of storage and optimizing performance across the platform while minimizing disruption from the process.

As enterprises shift to the cloud, they look to ASG to help them meet their business and IT goals. With the right IT platform, organizations can:
  • Protect and manage all enterprise information no matter the volume or type of content
  • Provide customers and employees with a timely and accurate understanding of data
  • Reduce storage and infrastructure costs dramatically
  • Capture the knowledge and visibility of transactions and data across platforms
  • Remain compliant with data regulations
  • Enable employee productivity across devices
To learn more about the recent Stratus Award win, read the full release. To learn how ASG can enable and optimize cloud migration, check out our Enterprise Data Intelligence and Mobius solutions.
Posted: 9/5/2018 10:10:19 AM by Rob Perry