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Blog > October 2018 > At a Glance: Day Two at EVOLVE18

At a Glance: Day Two at EVOLVE18

As Day Two of ASG’s EVOLVE18 conference comes to a close, it is safe to say the event we have been anticipating all year has already been a major success. Situated in the heart of vibrant Chicago, our employees and executives welcomed attendees from across the country and around the world to a two-way discussion on digital transformation. Day One at EVOLVE18 was dedicated to aligning with our customers and partners—the needs of their markets, their businesses and how ASG can deliver value to help them reach their goals. Day Two was committed to pairing those missions with vision. Here are my top takeaways from today:

ASG is Going Nowhere but Up. In his opening speech, ASG CEO Charles Sansbury provided insights into the future of ASG as a company—from sustained growth and stability to how our “big enough to matter, small enough to care” company profile differentiates us from competitors. Chief Product Officer, Swamy Viswanathan, enriched Charles’ overview with a detailed look into ASG’s ambitious near-term product roadmap. This momentum was driven by what EVP Chuck Neal described as ASG’s biggest transformation: shifting from an orientation around what the customer bought, to how they will use the product to solve a particular business issue.


Artificial Intelligence and Automation are the Future, Today. Machine learning, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) were major themes throughout today’s keynote and breakout sessions. CEO of Tomorrow and Futurist Mike Walsh, one of our keynote speakers, discussed how business leaders must become algorithmic leaders in order to design 21st century companies, using automation to streamline processes and enhance productivity. Still, he underscored that people are at the heart of progress. As every company adopts robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities and technologies, the most forward-looking organizations’ biggest differentiator will not be the technology they deploy, but how they leverage their human capital. This fell right in line with the ASG standards discussed by Charles and Swamy at the start of the event: “Customers matter. People matter. Results matter.”


Women Are Weighing In. A highlight of the event was the Women Leaders in Technology panel, with all-star speakers including Edward Jones Chief Data Officer Jennifer Keegan, Version 2.0 Partner and Founder Maura FitzGerald and ASG EVP of Global HR Licia Williams. These powerhouses led a conversation with the event’s female attendees on how women’s role in technology is changing and discussing how women can offer a unique perspective to the industry. The growing role of women entrepreneurs was also raised in today’s fireside chat with CEO Charles Sansbury and acclaimed investor, Anton Levy, Managing Director and Global Head of Technology at General Atlantic. Levy, known for investments in Alibaba, Facebook and Snapchat, spoke about how organizations should apply the same recognition patterns to women in technology as men—and that if they do, enterprises can drive equal, if not better, results.


Partner Appreciation. ASG has a world-class set of partners, many of whom presented in today’s general sessions—from IBM to Accenture, the winner of our first annual ASG Excellence Award for Partner of the Year. ASG credits our partners for our ability to drive continued success, especially, as Wayne Monk, SVP of Global Alliances put, for their ability to innovate on top of our offerings. We found that our partners feel the same: “I’ve been in Channel almost my whole career. I’ve never seen an organization so committed to partnership. ASG backs it up with integrity, what they say matters and that’s the partner we want to work with,” said Mike Mahon, CEO of Zia Consulting. Stay tuned for a Q&A with Mike later this week.

Day Two concluded with a scenic tour of the Chicago skyline where customers, partners and employees were able to unwind and recap their favorite digital transformation dialogues. Stay tuned for updates on Day Three tomorrow, and make sure to keep up with real-time updates by following #ASGEVOLVE18 on Twitter.


Posted: 10/2/2018 11:11:02 PM by Mary Wells - SVP, Marketing