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ASG’s Mobius 8.0.5 Extends Support for Microsoft Azure to Drive Flexible and Scalable Content Services

This week, ASG Technologies released the latest version of our Content Services Platform, Mobius 8.0.5. Mobius provides high-scaling content services to help organizations meet the robust demands for content management, compliance and governance and web-facing applications—on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. This update expands on the solution’s hybrid IT deployment capabilities, delivering full support for Microsoft Azure. ASG recognizes that the cloud is an important part of the modern IT infrastructure, which is why we designed the latest edition of Mobius to help customers leverage and maximize the capabilities of this leading cloud platform.
Eighty-one percent of today’s enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, and 66 percent of cloud users plan to grow spend by 20 percent or more this year. A major player in this expanding market, Azure grew its adoption 35 percent year-over-year to reach 58 percent of enterprises in 2018. As investment in the cloud continues, however, so does cloud sprawl—with users typically wasting 35 percent of their spend on extraneous cloud instances. Microsoft Azure responds to this issue by optimizing scalability. Rather than deploying a fixed amount of storage/virtual machines, enterprises can leverage the services supplied by Azure, such as auto-scale, to add capacity during traffic spikes to their websites or applications (e.g. retailers during the holidays), and then reduce resources—and cost—when demand subsides (e.g. banks over the weekend). Organizations only pay for the resources they need and use.

Mobius 8.0.5 leverages this auto-scaling to provide flexibility to information management in the cloud. With the ability to scale automatically and on demand, enterprises can ensure that the core Mobius capabilities are continuously optimizing the use of Azure cloud ecosystem. Mobius 8.0.5 helps organizations to maximize cloud offerings with best-of-breed capabilities, including:
  • Scalability and Elasticity—Mobius products are deployed in configurable pools using Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS) and Application Gateways
  • Availability—The infrastructure is supported by Azure-provided independent availability zones. If you distribute your instances across multiple availability zones and one instance fails, an instance in another availability zone can handle requests
  • Security—All communications between Mobius products and external services like databases are encrypted
  • Integrated Configuration—Using the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template, Mobius products are deployed, preconfigured and ready to use
As enterprise cloud capacity scales, so does the amount of data streaming across its servers. It’s up to IT teams to ensure that applications continue to perform optimally as demand changes, which includes delivering the access that end users need and managing information to comply with regulations and internal governance standards.
By pairing Mobius 8.0.5 with Azure, ASG customers operate content management at its fullest potential. As information under management continues to grow, enterprises will need to rationalize their enterprise repositories—consolidating disparate and retiring costly legacy systems and taking better advantage of modern alternatives. Simply moving to the cloud is no longer enough on its own. To build an IT infrastructure fit for the future, enterprises must look to information management solutions that give them the competitive edge by taking best advantage of the latest advancements in cloud offerings such as Azure. 
Learn more about ASG’s Mobius content services solution by visiting this solutions page.
Posted: 10/23/2018 8:09:16 AM by Brendan English
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