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Blog > March 2018 > ASG Technologies Takes On Digital Transformation with Acquisition of Mowbly’s Process Mobility Platf

ASG Technologies Takes On Digital Transformation with Acquisition of Mowbly’s Process Mobility Platform

Building on our momentum heading into 2018, ASG is thrilled to announce that we are continuing to grow with the acquisition of Mowbly, an innovative business process mobility platform company. This acquisition marks exciting new opportunities for ASG, our partners and our customers as it extends our enterprise information management capabilities with Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities. This powerhouse pairing of capabilities will enable businesses to construct applications and processes from the perspective of a low-code, agile platform with a mobile-first approach — empowering our customers to modernize their organizations and embrace the next era of digital transformation. This acquisition not only highlights the confidence our investors have in ASG, our employees and our vision, but also underscores the exponential momentum fueling ASG for the coming year.
This new wave of digital transformation is driven by an increasingly mobile workforce. At ASG, we saw that the shift to mobile has created a critical need for organizations to deliver real-time access to information, applications and processes to users — regardless of when and where they are working. Users also expect all information (and content) to be collected, managed, analyzed and accessed through a single, integrated set of capabilities. To help our customers meet increasing worker expectations and embrace the “anytime, anywhere” workplace of the future, we elevated our own service offerings to meet and defeat building business pressures brought on by digital transformation. 


Our acquisition of Mowbly is a powerful step toward helping propel our customers into the digital age and cementing ASG as a leader in the Information Management market. Mowbly delivers several components that thread together the three major products of our Information Management suite. This unified foundation of capabilities provided by Mowbly will allow our customers and partners to rapidly build workflows, processes and applications that leverage the existing content, as well as the analytic and delivery capabilities suites they already know and trust. The introduction of BPM capabilities is already optimized for ASG solutions, making the transition seamless for customers and partners alike.
Users will also benefit from workflow services that give them the ability to define and execute workflows and respond to changes to critical data elements in ASG products. Additionally, the integration with Mowbly supports agile application development, so customers can build web and mobile applications using a low-code approach.
Enabling each of these capabilities on current ASG suites will link our products together in ways that not only differentiate us but that also allow businesses to optimize the mobile workforce without the heavy lift of adopting or transitioning to a new suite of technologies. With this integration, customers can securely, efficiently and conveniently connect users with information they need via a common set of APIs across PCs, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.
Mowbly’s approach to process mobility is one-of-a-kind in the market today and addresses the demands that modern businesses need to deliver on. Together, ASG’s products and Mowbly’s process mobility capabilities will empower our customers to deliver exceptional user experiences while flawlessly managing business processes.
2018 has just begun and already ASG Technologies is demonstrating significant momentum to fuel the rest of the year and beyond. We welcome the Mowbly team to the ASG family and look forward to mobilizing innovation together.