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Blog > March 2018 > ASG Elevates Enterprise Data Intelligence Solution to Ensure Sustainable GDPR Compliance

ASG Elevates Enterprise Data Intelligence Solution to Ensure Sustainable GDPR Compliance

With May 25 right around the corner, I’m excited to share that ASG has unveiled enhanced capabilities for our Enterprise Data Intelligence solution..
According to Gartner, more than 50 percent of companies affected by GDPR will not achieve full compliance by the May 25 deadline. And even those that do comply on time will need to figure out how to maintain compliance as the regulation evolves long-term. ASG helps you to locate, identify and classify personal data across your organization’s repositories to prepare for and meet compliance guidelines — now and over time.  
To achieve long-term compliance, you need a comprehensive strategy. The GDPR outlines 99 articles (supported by 173 “recitals,” or expanding comments) with which your global organization needs to comply. Thirty-five of these articles focus on how organizations handle personal data, which ASG’s Enterprise Data Intelligence solution provides support for, while the rest cover organizational and institutional issues. The most significant challenge enterprises face in meeting this regulation is a limited understanding of where personal data resides within the organization. Without such insight, you could be penalized for discrepancies you weren’t even aware of.
europe-2021308-960-720-1.jpgTo help you more easily discover, manage and govern personal data, ASG’s enhanced Enterprise Data Intelligence solution supports a five-step approach to continual compliance:
  • Creating a personal data inventory – applications and data sources are scanned to discover and trace the use of personal data throughout the enterprise
  • Establishing a personal data management process – automation is used to discover applications, identify personal data and assign criticality and identification of application owners
  • Creating a privacy risk assessment structure – key metrics (including percentage of completion and compliance) are identified, personal data is tagged, uses of personal data are assessed, and reports and dashboards to manage and record assessments are created
  • Following data management best practices – implementation of the five-step process positions organizations for success in meeting new GDPR and other regulatory requirements

Achieving compliance by May 25 is important, but GDPR does not disappear after its initial deadline. As the number and scope of regulations grow, you need to fortify an infrastructure that enables enriched data understanding, management and governance. This not only ensures continual compliance, but also establishes data management best practices to propel organizations through digital transformation.
For more information on how to ensure continual GDPR compliance and to ensure you deliver the essential rights that GDPR guarantees EU residents, download this 2018 GDPR handbook. To learn more about ASG’s Enterprise Data Intelligence solution, visit our solutions product page.
Posted: 3/13/2018 10:01:47 AM by Ian Rowlands