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ASG’s Mobius 8.0 to Empower Enterprise Performance and Compliance with Intelligent Information Management Capabilities

The most recent release of Mobius 8.0, our intelligent information management solution, is ready to transform the modern enterprise. When designing the latest iteration of this technology, ASG had three goals in mind to help organizations: improve operational performance, decrease IT costs and facilitate regulatory compliance. By delivering content services with a granular policy management foundation, this solution helps organizations to digitally transform their enterprise content and data while remaining aligned with corporate policies and complying with regulations — meeting the needs of a diverse set of data-driven business use cases and digital transformation projects.

Today’s digital organizations are generating more data than ever, requiring access to a set of web services to manage that information effectively. This is a challenge for most modern organizations which run on a complicated array of new and legacy platforms — made even more complex by the rise of mobile workers and increasing regulation. Ultimately, users end up faced with time-intensive information management processes that take away from time spent innovating and delivering value to the business.

alarm-clock-calendar-close-up-908298.jpgTo address these challenges, Mobius 8.0 empowers organizations to federate and/or migrate any content type from any redundant ECM application regardless of size, format, volume or platform. Lines of business can systematically rationalize enterprise content, reduce content sprawl, retire costly and outdated legacy content repositories, and better leverage modern content applications. These capabilities benefit the enterprise enormously — increasing system effectiveness, improving overall profitability and assuring that information is managed to be secure and compliant with regulations and internal governance standards.

Mobius 8.0 content services include:
  • Web Services (Interoperability): Provides REST APIs, content management interoperability services and reusable web components enabling a unified approach to search, view and access content throughout a global enterprise.
  • Enhanced Cloud Performance: To demonstrate our web scalable architecture, ASG took on the challenge of the One Billion Document Benchmark and demonstrated our superior ingestion metrics showing Mobius 8.0 completing the task three times faster and with 50 percent less hardware than our competition.
  • Federated Search: Unified approach to access content in redundant repositories from a common search facility. Full-text search across repositories (including Unicode and double-byte support and multiple languages) provides a single, logical access point to content across the enterprise delivered seamlessly to the end user or application.
  • Security & Compliance: Delivers encryption at rest, redaction of personally identifiable and sensitive personal data based on defined policies, and event-based records management across the entire Mobius deployment and federated content repositories.
  • Centralized Management: Delivers administration assistance through a single view to monitor, audit and track how business information is acquired, accessed, updated and used over the course of its life cycle. 
  • Capture & Ingestion: Provides the ability to ingest, parse and archive petabytes of data at web-scale loads, and to selectively index information for full-text search and deliver faster throughput for high-volume processing.
  • Storage: Enables multi-tier storage policies that automate the placement, movement and management of content across on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. 
As the volume of content created and gathered by organizations reaches new heights, modern businesses need a solution that can ensure content is managed correctly and at scale. Mobius 8.0 meets these needs by enhancing both compliance processes and business decisions — enabling organizations to act more nimbly around content.

To learn more about the Mobius 8.0 solution, including additional features being brought to market by value-added partners such as Zia Consulting, read the full release. For more information on ASG’s content solutions, visit our solutions page.
Posted: 3/30/2018 2:44:46 PM by Erin McCart
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