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Best Moments at IGNITE18

Last week ASG hosted our premier partner enablement event, IGNITE18, in Chicago, Illinois. Fifteen of our partners joined us from across the country for three days of sessions and workshops designed to sharpen the tools needed to optimize ASG’s solutions, create market opportunities and drive their selling initiatives. In addition to sales sessions and one-on-one meetings with ASG experts, attendees enjoyed technical sessions in our sandbox environment, seizing opportunities to work hands on with the solutions they sell every day. One ASG Global SI Lead relayed how his attendee returned to work more excited and with more knowledge acquired than ever after just one day at IGNITE18.

ASG hosts events like IGNITE18 for this exact reason — equipping our partners with the knowledge they need to maximize their potential and the potential of our solutions. See what sparked our partners’ interest most this year: 

ignite-1.jpgData Intelligence Discussions
Our Data Intelligence (DI) solution lit up several hot topics at IGNITE18. In addition to questions around compliance and the GDPR and potential use cases for DI in health care, partners were very interested in the best practices for, and benefits of, conducting a proof of concept (POC) around data. Partners were engaged by the idea that “seeing is believing, and when people see the results from their own data, it’s very powerful.”
“The best moment for me was the ‘aha moment when we could see the demonstration of DI and how it unlocked the hidden data and logic,’” said Dana Rafiee, executive director at Destiny Corporation. The session was equally powerful in showcasing the sales technique for our partners.

“I finally got to see the power of ASG's data tools in action. Until IGNITE, it was all abstract. Now, even as a non-tech guy, I feel I have a grasp on how ASG does what it does — and how (in partnership with TrustArc) we can bring the power of those tools to bear on our clients' toughest data challenges,” said Ben Klafter, director of business development at TrustArc.

Making Moves with Mobius 8.0
Mobius dominated discussion throughout the three days at IGNITE18 — particularly due to our session on Mobius as a replacement for IBM’s Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD). The presentation welcomed a wave of in-depth questions regarding Mobius’ functionality, to which ASG experts offered current implementation examples and discussion. Partners also learned how they can turn to ASG to plan and execute migration from a mainframe (or other legacy) repository to Mobius, either on-premises or in the cloud. Zia Consulting hosted a webinar with ASG on facilitating this migration and was excited to dive further into the topic at IGNITE18.

“It has been a genuine pleasure meeting with the team from ASG. I’m particularly excited to have learned more about its massively scalable Mobius archival repository and the related rules engine. The version 8.0 interface looks great and provides a big improvement in usability for end users and administrators,” said Bindu Wavell, chief architect at Zia Consulting.

Audit and Analytics, and the U.S. Government
One of the most popular sessions of IGNITE18 centered around a use case for ASG’s recently released Audit and Analytics services. Over the past few years, Social Security has paid $133 million to beneficiaries who were deceased, while the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) paid more than $400 million to retirees who were no longer living. Audit and Analytics services can help connect the dots and perform verification against multiple systems to confirm that beneficiaries are still living — and therefore save unnecessary spending.

IMG-0066-1.jpgNetworking and Prizes
In addition to valuable sessions and discussions, there was plenty of fun along the way! To wind down day two at IGNITE18, attendees enjoyed a Chicago style dinner decked out with ballpark themed décor and food — inspiring several partners to make their way to Wrigley Field later that evening. For those that didn’t get to explore the Windy City, there’s always the chance to rejoin ASG in October. Attendees from Zia Consulting and Helix International won the IGNITE18 raffle for two free passes to ASG’s customer enablement event, EVOLVE18, on October 1-3 in Chicago.

“This was a fantastic week at ASG’s INGITE18. ASG is serious about having a partner program that is truly about the partnership. They asked questions, did training, listened to ideas and in the end, I was very impressed. I am looking forward to see what the next event brings,” said Christopher Smith, managing partner at Helix International.

Our goal with IGNITE18 is to involve our partners so they are equally invested in our mission to transform organizations in the digital economy. Learn more about the event itself by reading the release. If you’re interested in attending EVOLVE18 or submitting an ASG customer or partner for the 2018 ASG Excellence Awards, visit this page.
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