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Blog > June 2016 > Welcome To Our Blog! Diving Into Data Intelligence

Welcome To Our Blog! Diving Into Data Intelligence

According to an Information Week survey only 28% of businesses say they’re highly effective at getting business executives the right data at the right time.

“Many organizations are still struggling to derive value from their data and analytics initiatives and capabilities. In an EY and Forbes Insights survey of 564 executives in large global enterprises, most admit that they still do not have an effective and aligned business strategy for competing in a digital, analytics-enabled world.”

That kind of statistic drives me – and my Data Intelligence colleagues – nuts! The inability of data specialists to help their business react to new business opportunities or respond to compliance demands suggests that a lot of money spent on data and data management over the last fifty years has just been wasted.

It should be possible for anybody using data to know what it means, where it comes from, what it’s connected to and how good it is. And getting that background to data should not be a herculean task. 

Wanting business to do better with data is one of the reasons that we work on the solutions we bring to market –but we also like to share what we’ve learned about how people are trying to make more data usable faster.

I was encouraged to see that CIO’s attending The Wall Street Journal CIO Network conference in February selected “DATA, DATA, DATA” as their first priority, declaring that “Data should be treated as a product, and there should be the same kind of rigor around data collection and analysis as there is around engineering.”

Responding to that challenge is what we call the business of Data Intelligence, and it’s that we’re going to be blogging about.

I say “We’re” going to be blogging because my name will be on a lot of these pieces, but many of my colleagues will be helping shape the ideas. We want this to be a conversation. We’ll start things off, and we’ll be looking forward to your responses and suggestions for the topics that you care about.

It turns out that some trends have converged to make what we (that’s you, and me, and my colleagues) do more important than it’s ever been.

  1.  One is the explosion of new technologies. The 4 technologies that IDC has identified as the pillars of a digital economy - Social Business, Big Data / Analytics, Cloud, and Mobility - are driving an exponential growth in volume and variety of data.
  2.  Another key trend is the ramping up of regulatory pressures. Privacy, risk management, monopoly control, and pricing regulation are only a few of the areas impacting businesses across a spectrum of industries. Regulators are getting smarter in the questions they ask, forcing data experts to dive deeper into data to satisfy their demands.

Metadata Management, data lineage analysis, and data governance are crucial capabilities if businesses are going to thrive in the digital economy and stand up to the barrage of compliance demands.

As ASG worked on expanding our focus beyond just the enterprise metadata repository, we thought long and hard about what we would like to be known for. For a while, it looked like Data Governance was going to be the winner. As we debated, worked, and planned it became apparent that we needed something else. Data Governance (or Data Stewardship, which is what most solutions are actually offering) is certainly important. But there’s more to it.

Metadata management, and data lineage, which it uniquely enables, is critical to the successful exploitation of data. Even that combination of good governance and excellent data context isn’t enough. Other aspects of data have to be considered too.  Data Quality, valid values, business policies, rules and definitions all have to be taken into account if the right data is going to be made available to the proper audience at the speed of business. All of those things together are the source of what we eventually decided to call Data Intelligence.

Welcome to our blog. Let me know what you think.

Ian R.

Posted: 6/22/2016 7:10:17 AM by Ian Rowlands
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