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Blog > Wayne Monk Weighs in on How to Build out the Best Channel

Wayne Monk Weighs in on How to Build out the Best Channel

As commerce evolves, businesses are faced with more opportunities to reach farther and sell more, but not all companies can or should do it alone. To drive sales and expand reach, many companies leverage the channel, which requires investing time, energy and trust into building reoccurring and predictable revenue through a partner network. As part of this two-part series, Wayne Monk, senior vice president of alliances and channels at ASG Technologies Group, Inc., is here to offer his advice on how to tackle the channel to best benefit business.

What’s currently the most challenging aspect of managing your VAR or MSP business?
The most challenging aspect of managing our partner ecosystem business is finding partners that are best equipped to help you meet your company goals. Organizations elect to sell through the channel because it expands selling power and reach into new markets, but recruiting a network of channel partners doesn’t necessarily translate to the most effective reach and best results. We’re best able to meet our goals when we have the right, not most, channel partners — but finding the right partners can be challenging.

What do you consider the root cause of the challenge you identified?
Finding committed and competent partners that are well capitalized and able to truly reach the market is a big challenge. Vendors are eager to launch their channel strategy and partner programs to recruit a stable of partners to attack the market. However, they often do not take to time to fully understand their ability to reach to market. Not understanding your channel capacity, often leads to not meeting your goals.

Is this challenge unique to the channel? Why or why not?
To some extent, yes, because channel partnerships directly influence your sales performance. That said, vendors considering this option need to assess the benefits the partnership can realistically offer and what it will take to achieve those sought-after results.

The next challenge for companies is to create a methodology to guide the assessments of a potential partner, which will likely begin with reflecting on the business’s own sales and revenue goals. From there, those values can be shaped into requirements that partners will have to meet, if not exceed.

Stay tuned for the second part of this series, when Wayne will outline the four criteria ASG uses when selecting our channel partners. Until then, if you’d like to learn about the different partner opportunities ASG has to offer, visit this page detailing our various programs.