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Data Intelligence Solution Accelerates Automated Identification of Personal Data Across the Enterprise Data Estate

The release of Data Intelligence (DI) 9.8 makes today a good day for ASG customers and partners. It delivers a broad set of innovative capabilities and sets a fast pace for the market as we address changing data management requirements driven by digital transformation and regulatory compliance initiatives.
When I think about this release, I group what our team has delivered into three main areas: extending the reach of our data discovery, enhancing our compliance and governance support to better enable defensive initiatives that reduce risk, and finally making it easier for diverse stakeholders to use our data catalog to make better decisions faster. DI 9.8 represents a vital step in executing our data Intelligence strategy combining integrated metadata management, Data Governance and Data Catalog at scale.

Data Capture – Extending Reach and Deepening Discovery

We’ve increased the scope of the information we manage by extending our reach in the Big Data world and deepening the way that we support pervasive data sources. DI 9.8 brings:
  • Intelligent Data Analyzers: Enhanced architecture and capabilities for defining lineage and improving performance streamline the development of analyzers, utilizing a best practices approach that reduces source code and accelerates time-to-value
  • New and enhanced analysis and metadata/data ingestion for pervasive enterprise technologies including Cloudera Navigator, Apache Spark, Python, Apache Parquet, DB2, Informatica, ODBC, UDB, Oracle, Teradata, and PostgreSQL
These new capabilities support customer and partner investments in Big Data and the Cloud, and speed understanding and trust of the data in popular technologies.

Driving Forward Compliance and Governance

We’ve added enhanced governance to find and filter automatically, and report personal data stored in unstructured sources, including ASG Content Services Platform (Mobius) and Apache Tika supported formats, alongside structured sources. Together, these new features make it easier for CDOs and DPOs to be confident in stating compliance with regulations like the GDPR and California’s CCPA while being prepared for additional regulatory requirements as they arise. These new capabilities allow ASG DI to provide a single control point for structured and unstructured information repositories.

Making Better Decisions Faster

To make using information easier, we’ve enhanced support for self-service datasets: new capabilities offer improved stewardship and workflow, usage tracking, user-defined dashboards and seamless interoperability with Tableau. These capabilities enable business users to rapidly find, share and analyze trusted data for better and more timely decision-making.
ASG’s Data Intelligence allows you to do what is needed to support data-driven business success:
  • Align data management, business value and organizational strategies
  • Balance risk management and the creation of data-driven value
  • Make it easier for business users to contribute to data management activities and collaborate with data management team specialists
To learn more about Data Intelligence 9.8, read the full release. For more information on how ASG’s Data Intelligence capabilities can help you deliver trusted actionable data visit this page.
Posted: 12/10/2018 8:32:36 AM by Marcus MacNeill