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Blog > August 2018 > 2018 ASG Excellence Awards: Celebrating our Customers and Partners

2018 ASG Excellence Awards: Celebrating our Customers and Partners

As a company driving innovation, ASG’s mission is to support our Customers’ and Partners’ digital transformation initiatives. ASG’s core values include Customers Matter, People Matter, Results Matter, so it’s exciting to recognize the Customers and Partners leveraging ASG solutions for their innovative transformation stories. These trusted allies are shaping the future of business in the Information Economy.

The 2018 ASG Excellence Awards celebrate our Customers and Partners for their vision and ability to advance their organizations using ASG technology. ASG Partners are nominated for the Partner of the Year Award, which evaluates their efforts to extend and enhance our unique go-to-market strategy and offerings developed around ASG products. ASG Customers are nominated for the Innovator of the Year Award, which assesses projects powered by ASG products, looking at overall business impact, success metrics and complexity. The Awards are nominated and evaluated by both ASG and third-party Judges.

The Award Winners, to be announced within the next few weeks, excel in each of these categories—though what qualifies them as exceptional Customers or Partners goes beyond the entry criteria. We asked a few ASG executives to weigh in on what makes these companies so valuable to work with and what it takes to achieve mutual success.


What Makes an Exceptional Partner?

The most valuable Partners help you understand and expand into new markets.A valuable partner provides your company with unique perspectives on how your products, markets, selling techniques and marketing strategy are perceived in the marketplace. In this relationship, your partner should extend your reach and capabilities, allowing access to previously-untapped market segments and industry verticals, with deeper credibility and insight. The relationship between partners should leave both parties better equipped to expand and grow their businesses equitably and fairly.” – Lou Feinberg, SVP, Professional Services and Pre-Sales

They know how to maximize your offerings in that market. “A valuable partner is committed to the market you’re addressing and is able to enrich your solutions and frame incremental value or business outcomes above and beyond what you can do by yourself. I use the phrase ‘better together’—it’s really about finding a partner that is committed to going after the market segment you want to pursue, that can bring innovation to enrich your solution, introduce new capability and functionality, integrate into other platforms and enrich the value that the client feels.” – Wayne Monk, SVP, Global Alliances and Channel Sales

They are invested in your mutual success. “The best partnerships are built around a firm view and commitment to the shared value upon which the partnership is based. Each side has to see the benefit they will get from success, understand their role in achieving it, and then be committed to working together toward that goal. And, this understanding and commitment has to extend from top management to those on the ground with customers.” – Rob Perry, VP of Product Marketing

What Makes a Winning Customer?

Customers that understand their business needs. All customers are to be cherished, but those that are transparent, honest and clear about their strategy and business needs are a pleasure to work with. Customers that have clearly articulated strategies with identified gaps are in a position to communicate their business needs and quickly evaluate the solutions demonstrated by vendors and partners for suitability, fit and price point. These customers are transparent about the rules and level the ‘playing field’ fairly for those who respond to their tenders. Customers that provide open and honest feedback about the product and process promote a marketplace that is agile, continuously improving and adapting to customer needs.” – Lou Feinberg, SVP, Professional Services and Pre-Sales

They are committed to the success of the project. “The best customers have a clearly defined goal from buying the product. They have worked to define the business case, identified the value and how the purchase will deliver it, and understand that success is based on a shared commitment. The vendor can’t know all the nuances of the customer’s IT and information infrastructure, and the customer must dedicate the internal resources to support the project.” – Rob Perry, VP of Product Marketing

They are willing to collaborate and communicate. “Some of the greatest work is accomplished with customers that are willing to share their challenges in detail. They understand that you’re not always going to solve 100 percent of the problem, but they are willing to participate as true, active partners and help shape the future roadmap of the solution. The best customers are frank with you—saying, ‘I see you helping me here but not here, and this is why.’ The more collaborative, open and forthright they are—truly giving you rich feedback, the good, bad and ugly—the more you and the customer can achieve mutual success. – Wayne Monk, SVP, Global Alliances and Channel Sales

ASG is fortunate to work with so many Customers and Partners that embody these values. To learn which stand out from the pack this year, stay tuned within the next few weeks as we announce the winners of the 2018 ASG Excellence Awards. In the meantime, check out some of our customer success stories and global partner program.
Posted: 8/29/2018 8:27:54 AM by Mary Wells - SVP, Marketing
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