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Establish Equilibrium for Your Content—Move Beyond ECM [Infographic]

Information drives your businesses, regardless of type and industry. For any businesses to be successful, employees must have easy, transparent access to the files, documents and images they need to perform their duties. However, we must also secure and protect our information from data breaches and maintain records in accordance with regulations.

Disparate approaches to ingesting, accessing, storing, archiving and deleting content are all pain points within traditional enterprise content management (ECM). And the competing forces between content mobility, access and security are making it even harder for us to succeed. ASG’s Mobius can provide that kind of flexible access.

The following infographic provides great statistics and proof points to help make a strong business case to harmonize these competing forces. You’ll discover how you can modernize your enterprise content management systems, support legacy content repositories and bridge them between on-premises and Cloud deployments using Mobius.

Posted: 10/5/2017 12:16:20 PM by Erin McCart