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Blog > November 2017 > Detailed Data Lineage Drives Business Data Confidence

Detailed Data Lineage Drives Business Data Confidence

Business is spending more on data. It’s not surprising.  We’re in the age of the data-driven enterprise and it’s the source of key insights that drive business decisions.  Trusted data analytics increase the value of data:
  • Making data sellable
  • Improving partnerships by making data sharable
  • Driving decisions that smooth business operations, delight customers and reduce risk

 At the same time, confidence in data is limited at best! Less than 50% of businesses are very confident in their data and the analytic insights that it underpins. For many businesses data is no more than an anchor, as they pour money into governance and compliance without any consequent increase in business confidence.

There’s a key to building business confidence in data. We call it Data Intelligence, and at the heart of Data Intelligence is Data Lineage – the ability to trace the movement of data from its source to its point of use, and to understand all the ways it is changed from point to point. This understanding is the foundation for faster business decision making, data-related regulatory compliance, and recognition of the real value of data. When accurate and governed Data Lineage is supported by business context and quality information there’s a solid foundation for confidence.

Without detailed data lineage, you can't prove how data moves. Design documents are all very well and good, but they show the theory, not the facts. Providing proof to regulators and auditors will be impossible with only these documents. The requirements are increasingly formalized and if you can’t discover data sources, document and create  a visual representation of data flow, and thus provide a single source of truth, your stakeholders won’t trust and rely on your data for risk reporting and decision making.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Suppose a major health provider had a problem. Revenue per patient was substantially different in one market, though essentially consistent in every other. What could be the cause? Variations for things like charity care and bad debts had been eliminated, but still the difference remined. Data Intelligence provides the answers!  The glossary showed the definition of the measure differed across key divisions. Data lineage analysis of the enterprise data warehouse gave evidence of multiple reporting systems. There was no consistency in business rules and filters, but ASG’s Data Intelligence provided the evidence; consistency was established; and business and regulatory confidence rebuilt.

When you look at a number, If the value is not based on exactly where the data came from and how that number came to be, you are just guessing at what’s really going on. You must be able to drill in and get a deep understanding of the way data is changed and aggregated from step to step. Lack of knowledge makes confident business decisions impossible. You need context to develop confidence.

Providing trustworthy data context is what ASG’s Data Intelligence solutions are all about. Data Lineage is a core capability. Our real time flexible views of lineage, data quality, reference data and other data facts are key to building business confidence in data and turning the investment in data into business value.
Posted: 11/22/2017 4:15:57 PM by Ian Rowlands
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