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Why AWS Is the Great Liberator for Enterprise Content

To stay competitive with early adapters and startups, companies using multiple on-premise repositories across the enterprise are entrusting cloud solutions, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), to help with flexibility and growth.

For example, Liberty Mutual Insurance wanted to reduce costs and stay nimble through the changes in enterprise content management (ECM). The insurer was able to begin to securely move their content from mainframe, multiple legacy repositories to a cloud content environment, providing greater access to their employees form multiple devices with Mobius Content Services. This move helped Liberty Mutual gain control over archival, distribution access and integration of content and reduce infrastructure costs up to 30%.

At ASG Technologies, we are excited about the implementation of AWS and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as an option for enterprises to continue growing in profitability and productivity. Managing content from a cloud platform helps companies give their users immediate access to their content from multiple devices and hybrid environments.

AWS takes away the frustration of finding a hosting solution for many companies. AWS is easier to afford than building an internal solution, and it takes the pressure off of companies to scale product offerings efficiently and quickly. AWS allows companies to do away with physical items like cables, hard drives, servers and tools. The data center sits in one place and the management and set up of future IT projects becomes a simpler endeavor. These cost saving measures are well documented by IDC, who reported that organizations on average reduced their total cost of ownership by 63.9% over a five year lifecycle by moving from on-premises, mixed on-premise and hosted, or hosted solutions to AWS cloud services. They also reduced datacenter hosting and infrastructure costs by 64.3%, IT staff costs by 63.5%, and costs of unplanned downtime on productivity by 81.7%. 

Access Anywhere
Companies need their business apps running every hour of every day. More and more enterprise software is being added to mobile devices and accessed by employees on tablets and smartphones. When companies implement IaaS, they are giving their employees device independent storage that supports a mix of servers and storage devices. This sort of access to documents improves workflow processes and helps teams collaborate faster and easier. AWS provides businesses with secured global infrastructure and access to content for all employees while keeping data secure and protected.

Staying Competitive
Newer companies don’t run into the problem of having content spread across their organization or silioed in lines of business. A high volume, flexible solution can enable companies with legacy systems to compete with newer, more nimble businesses. As many companies attain different platforms through acquisitions, having a hybrid environment for content management can keep a company nimble as they store and manage new content. A solution like Mobius will ensure compliance and business success while managing content according to corporate policies, industry regulations and government mandates.

The existence of IaaS and AWS helps solution providers like ASG identify the key challenges that we can solve for businesses that need to utilize content management to stay competitive. We look forward to continuing to integrate with technology offerings that provide businesses with empowering solutions.

What technologies have you found help enterprise architects stay competitive? Let us know in the comments!
Posted: 6/21/2017 2:13:32 PM by Brendan English
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