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The State of Play: Integrated Data Lineage and Data Quality

As part of an Enterprise Data Intelligence Solution, Data Lineage shows where data comes from, where it moves to, and how it changes. Data Quality shows how fit the data is for its intended use. ASG and Trillium work together to make Data Quality information visible alongside Data Lineage. In a recent webinar, we discussed how organizations benefit from this integration, shared specific use cases, and demonstrated results. The combined ASG/Trillium solution puts quality information in context. In other words, it shows how good (or bad) data supports (or impacts) business processes. 
For example, you look at a report and see that the critical data element you were interested in is plainly wrong. What do you do? It is a problem that many data stewards face and the topic that my colleague Sue Habas (ASG’s Data intelligence VP of Strategic Technologies-Data Intelligence) and Harald Smith (Director of Product Management of Trillium Software) discussed during the webinar.
Data Lineage – the key component of ASG’s Data Intelligence solution helps you understand where the data element came from, and how it might have changed over time.
Trillium’s Data Quality software does an excellent job of characterizing the data and understanding its quality. Combining Data Lineage and Data Quality pinpoints where things have gone wrong so that you can quickly explain and fix the problem with your critical data element.
During the webinar, we asked the attendees a number of questions concerning Data Lineage and Data Quality. A few interesting points came to light.
We asked, “How integrated, automated and available is Data Quality into your current user base today?” Attendees were sharply divided. 50% had some level of integration and availability – and 50% had none.
Next, we asked, “What type of users would you like to have access to Lineage and Data Quality Indicators?” Here’s how respondents replied (we allowed multiple responses):
  • Business Users (including Business Analysts, Business Data Stewards)
  • Reporting and Analytical Teams
  • Technical Users (Including Developers, and Technical Data Stewards)
  • Risk & Compliance Resources
We expected that there would be keen interest across all areas. It was interesting and encouraging to see that the greatest demand was amongst business users.
Lastly, we wanted to get specific about what people care about. Here were the results when we asked, “Which of the following is most important to you?”:
  • Quality of critical data elements
  • Know where quality is compromised
  • Know if changes affect data/quality
  • Gain insight into data quality gaps
  • Quality being performed near source
  • View data quality trends over time
The quality of Critical Data Elements (CDEs) and knowledge of where it might be compromised is a top-of-mind issue for attendees of the webinar.
The results lead to a natural question. How do the people who want to know about CDE quality get the focused information they need? Where do the 50% of attendees who have no handle on the issue go for help? To answer those questions is exactly the mission that drove ASG Technologies and Trillium to integrate our solutions.
The joint solution takes Trillium Data Quality Indicators and makes them visible in CDE Data Lineage – meeting every user’s need for quality information in context.     

Data quality indicators show:
  • -If quality rules are being met
  • -Any quality gaps
  • -Where quality is checked
  • -Where data changes might affect quality
  • data-lineage-screenshot.png

We integrated with Trillium to provide better value from data for our customers. Gaining greater confidence in business decisions will enable faster and more accurate response to new business opportunities and simpler means toward regulatory compliance.
How integrated, automated and available is Data Quality into your current user base today? Let us know in the comments!
Ian R.
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