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Blog > July 2017 > Lighting Your Path to Data Management Success

Lighting Your Path to Data Management Success

One way or another, I’ve been in the data business for a very long time. When I started, nobody cared much about data. Certainly, no business user cared. Now everybody cares. Business runs on data, and business users want to know all about it – where it comes from, what happens to it, and how to use it.
Ironically, as more people have come to care, it’s become much harder to see what exactly is happening with data. There’s so much of it! Legacy data, relational databases, data warehouses, and now the data lake. Just finding the right uses for all of the your business’ data is a challenge. It’s the root of what Gartner calls “dark data” – data that’s being used to run the business, but not being exploited for other purposes. These are the issues ASG seeks to address with our latest release.
Today, ASG Technologies announced the release of ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence 9.0. This release includes a new Intelligent Data Catalog application for finding valuable information in your data lake. We also provide specific support for the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and meet the growing need for proper data management and data quality with increased regulatory requirements around personal data privacy ( BCBS239, CCAR, IDMP and CGMP compliance). It lays the foundation for next stage data management, providing key capabilities to data governance experts and data scientists. It is also the evolution of enabling world class, data-driven business, allowing business users to get the most value from data while compliance professionals protect the enterprise from data-related risk.
ASG is shining a light into the dark corners of all of your enterprise data. It allows you to extract the unsuspected value that might otherwise be completely unconsidered. At the same time, it protects you from misusing data and causing your business to suffer severe financial consequences. It is the essential foundation for management of the evolving data estate.
Data is so complicated, understanding where data came from when it’s been derived from varied sources and manipulated is hard and  it’s getting harder. We have only scratched the surface. There’s massive growth ahead – operational, reporting, experimental, media and IoT data are all expanding rapidly.
There are so many great capabilities within data management solutions. Discovery, ingestion, enrichment and exploitation are becoming much more sophisticated.
It’s not just the data and the tools that have become more varied, deployment has become more interesting too! “On-premise” is no longer the automatic default – cloud technologies have become the key enabler for Big Data.
The new data world is complex, but tremendously rich. It opens up opportunities for data driven experimentation and accelerated business processes and decision making. At the same time it carries great risks, it’s becoming a truism to say that Big Data can lead to big mistakes. Moreover, as more diverse data is collected and analyzed the risk of compliance failure grows.
We’re just over the threshold of a new data era. Big Data and the Cloud, between them, represent a geological shift in the relationship between business and data. This is the time to make sure that your data management foundation is ready for the changes that are taking place and will take place over the next several years. Addressing that need is what ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence 9.0 is all about.
How has your business begun shining a light into your data? Let us know in the comments!
Posted: 7/26/2017 11:04:20 AM by Ian Rowlands
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