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Women Can and Should Participate in the Development of the Technology Market

Making a difference, adding vision and value – this is what happens when women are present in the technology market, a niche that is growing more. Women have always played an important role in the sector. Organizations that want to thrive must bet on diversity.

Shining A Light on Challenges

The main problem for getting women into IT is a cultural issue, and it is a field where we have a greater representation of men. As children, it is still taught that technology and programming are not areas of study for women.

Women who decide to pursue studies in ​​technology face other challenges in the labor market. They are discredited by team partners and customers, who do not believe in their potential. If female participation in the technology market was already a key issue, the changes brought by the pandemic are a window of opportunity for more girls and women to develop their careers in a professional environment of innovation and IT.

Opportunities Ahead

We live in a very fruitful time for this inclusion to happen, as the next few years will be marked by the emergence of various opportunities, such as data engineering, data scientists, technology directors, CTOs, back, front and mobile software engineers, experts and managers in information security and GDPR.

The scenario is very positive for us to expand and diversify the technology market. The task will not be easy, so the sooner we start, the sooner we will also be able to enjoy its results – and they are many, for women and for society.

Today, organizations seek innovation to survive and remain competitive in the market. This will not be possible if they do not have different views, contributing ideas and collaborating for continuous improvement of products and services. I know many women who have brought an indispensably critical eye to decision making and problem solving.

Changing Perception

I am a newcomer in the field of technology. I have degrees in Fashion Business, Business Administration and a postgraduate degree in Big Data and Marketing Intelligence. I started working in the software area where I am currently working as an Inside Sales representative for two and a half years. So, I believe in and strongly encourage the participation and inclusion of women in the technology field, no matter what their background or prior experience.

There is a lot to be done by women in IT and in the job market in general. But the main thing is to change our conception of what a profession is for men or women.

Good professionals exist regardless of gender, race, political view, sexual or ideological orientation. From an ethical point of view, it is important that companies assess the potential of candidates and leave other issues aside. Women can – and should – work and study technology. A person's gender does not define their ability. With competence to spare, we will help to paint a more positive scenario for the future.

Posted: 8/18/2021 8:00:00 AM by Fernanda Prignolato
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