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Partner Q&A: Why Zia Consulting Won’t Miss EVOLVE19

EVOLVE19, ASG’s annual user conference, is designed to inspire innovation through exchanging stories and ideas. To give attendees a glimpse into the EVOLVE experience, we sat down with ASG customers, partners and executives to discuss what this digital transformation event means to them. Read on for our first Q&A with Mike Mahon, CEO of ASG partner Zia Consulting.
What was the most valuable part of attending EVOLVE last year?

First, the rich customer engagement. It’s not something you see commonly in the industry—from the number of customers at the event, to hearing their stories and how much they enjoy using ASG technologies. Many conferences for partners tend to be focused on their achievements and new announcements, but EVOLVE18 was more customer-driven. There was a lot of trust and loyalty shown by customers. (And by the way—based on those customer stories—it is staggering how much data ASG manages globally.)

Second, I was impressed by the continuity and consistency with which ASG takes care of people. ASG’s core values, “Customers Matter, People Matter, Results Matter,” are delivered through the excellent leadership from Swamy, vision and excitement from Charles, inspiration in the field from Chuck, and partner inclusion and value from Wayne. Hearing how those values get woven into technical vision, the channel and product roadmap really resonated with Zia. I came out of EVOLVE18 with a different level of enthusiasm for ASG than going in.

What was one new or surprising thing that you learned?

ASG is disrupting an industry it helped create. In the past few years, companies have been building large data warehouses and data lakes. They are also increasingly treating the enterprise content management platform like it is a commodity. ASG is at the center of those two fields. They have built a rich Content Services platform that not only has the essential components—open APIs, ability to integrate systems, etc.—but also can scale to work with a data lake or data warehouse. No one in the ECM industry can match the scale that ASG has. Many are talking about it, but no one has delivered. I wasn’t expecting to see this, but now I get to go on customer site visits and share what’s new with ASG Content Services and how Zia can help—it’s exciting.

Why is partner alignment an essential step in enabling digital transformation?

Zia is passionate about our customers’ long-term success. For most organizations, digital transformation is a three- to five-year exercise. Building this road to the future requires a lot of thoughtfulness and care, both regarding customers’ current businesses and their systems.

Zia brings our methodology—the five Ds (Discovery, Diagnostic, Design, Delivery and Delight) of digital transformation—to ASG’s vision and product roadmap. As a partner, we also bring thousands of ECM and content projects-worth of experience to the table. We inform ASG about what Zia customers need and which features should be built to enable their digital transformation journeys. In turn, ASG is bringing product leadership execution and its own customer alignments, including frequent site visits and panels. Together, we can survey a broad spectrum of the industry, while also diving into specific customer needs.

For example, ASG has a strong federation play. It can give customers a single pane of glass to view and access multiple systems in their ecosystem. However, ASG doesn’t cover all their customers’ systems, so it partnered with Zia to extend that capability dramatically. This is unique—most companies are reluctant to expose another vendor’s software. But ASG does it for the right reasons. Instead of transforming only the systems they support, ASG will collaborate to transform the whole business.

What trends or tech are you excited to dive into at EVOLVE19 this year?

I will be presenting on the intersection of digital transformation and data warehouses, data lakes and the fastest content services platform in the industry—so, of course we are excited about that.

In addition, it will be interesting to hear customers talk about consolidating systems and moving to a hybrid cloud environment. Many want to do it, but they have 30 years of business in their current ecosystem, so there are obvious concerns. I’m also excited to hear more about metadata management, mapping and the Data Intelligence (DI) platform. That’s a new practice for Zia, and one that is taking off for us. It will be great to see what ASG has in the way of new tips and trends for what is coming out of DI.
With EVOLVE19 just months away, read about the event details here, and don’t forget to register here. If you want to learn more about ASG’s partnership with Zia Consulting, watch this video interview with more insights from Zia Consulting CEO Mike Mahon here.