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Optimizing Cloud and Content Management with ASG’s Mobius Content Services

Cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud-based infrastructures are quickly becoming standard computing models. Amazon Web Services (AWS), through its ready-to-use platform, offers organizations the ability to forgo expensive upfront infrastructure costs and adopt monthly variable computing costs that scale based on need and demand. With AWS, organizations don’t need to plan for and procure racks of servers, spend countless hours choosing and deploying operating systems, or become mired in software configurations, custom-scripting and roll-out procedures. Instead, IT can instantly spin up hundreds or thousands of software-ready servers and deliver results faster without interrupting business operations.

ASG Technologies has been working with public cloud platform service providers for several years—particularly Amazon Web Services (AWS)—gaining tremendous knowledge and experience delivering our solutions to run on those popular cloud platforms. As a result, ASG’s Mobius Content Services (Mobius) offers the optimal architecture, functionality and capabilities to deploy and run on AWS. Mobius combines an open, flexible and scalable architecture with a policy-based and rules-driven engine to capture, manage and govern large and varied volumes of enterprise content and unstructured data. It can be deployed in cloud-only and hybrid cloud environments using Kubernetes anywhere AWS is located.

Mobius is designed to excel in performance and dependability on AWS. Key advantages include:
  • Extreme flexibility—Organizations benefit from one set of content services to manage enterprise content and applications on AWS and hybrid cloud deployments
  • IT friendly—Deploys instantly with Docker Kubernetes
  • Reduces IT infrastructure costs—Cuts total datacenter hosting and infrastructure costs and IT staff costs in half or more
  • Maintains business continuity—Federates and moves content seamlessly between AWS, Mobius on-premises deployments, and third-party applications
  • Administers compliance in the cloud—Applies policies to content to automate compliance from capture to destruction
Mobius deployed on AWS provides the building blocks organizations need to roll out unique and varied content solutions to employees, partners and customers. As cloud continues to shape the future, having content services that are designed to work on AWS and on-premises will be increasingly essential—and ASG will be leading the pack forward.
To learn more about Mobius Content Services components and capabilities on AWS, and the advantages that Mobius provides on AWS, download our whitepaper, “Mobius® Content Services Deployed on Amazon Web Services,” here.
To learn how to deploy Mobius on AWS, visit our “Setting up the Mobius Stack” support page here.
Posted: 8/19/2019 11:36:31 AM by Erin McCart
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