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Blog > April 2021 > New ASG Technologies Study Highlights Content and IT Systems Management as Keys to Modernization

New ASG Technologies Study Highlights Content and IT Systems Management as Keys to Modernization

Today, ASG unveiled our new report, What’s Slowing Modernization? Barriers Hindering Enterprise IT Systems and Content Management. The title of the report may resonate with business and IT leaders immediately – what is slowing modernization? We are living and working in the modern age, yet few enterprises can say they have fully modernized their technology infrastructure.

While many organizations have embarked on digital transformation journeys or even leveraged leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, their content management and IT systems are still decades behind. This project-by-project approach to modernization – often focusing on facelifts rather than foundational improvements – inevitably compounds barriers to success. From remote work and privacy regulations to a mainframe skills gap, enterprises must prioritize modernizing their information rich processes, and the systems they run upon, if they want to future-proof their organizations.

ASG’s report surveyed approximately 250 professionals who manage content and enterprise IT systems at their organizations. The findings highlight how organizations can accelerate digitization efforts by prioritizing content governance and hybrid infrastructures spanning mainframe to cloud. Here are some of the key takeaways:
  1. 56% of organizations are struggling to realize the full value of their content. This challenge is largely due to the high volume of content that organizations own, with three-quarters (75%) of survey respondents saying at least some of their organization’s data is unstructured. Further, only 26% of respondents say their content is managed in a repository – and worse, 32% report that their content still lives on paper files. This outdated infrastructure makes it far more difficult to manage, analyze, trust and glean insights from information.
  2. 66% of organization do not have modern content governance processes. With widespread remote work – and many employees saving content on shared/personal drives (41%) and migrating to the cloud (38%) – content governance has never been more important. In fact, the shift to remote work accelerated many of the challenges that organizations were already facing. More than one-third are struggling with storing content for too long (37%), limiting control and access to the right people (35%) and retaining redundant/unnecessary information (35%). As a result, three in ten respondents are concerned with risks of non-compliance with industry regulations and 26% worry about risk of non-compliance with privacy regulations.
  3. 49% of respondents note that most, if not all, of their core business functions still run on the mainframe. This finding shows that the mainframe is still the backbone of many industries. As such, 58% of respondents say that their organization has already adopted DevOps on the mainframe, and another 30% want to.
  4. 67% of respondents have a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Fifty-two percent of respondents say their organizations have a hybrid cloud ecosystem that includes the mainframe, and another 34% want one that does – solidifying mainframe in the IT infrastructure of the future. Hybrid cloud has allowed more than two-thirds (68%) of organizations to move most, if not all, of their commodity workloads and applications from the mainframe to the cloud, while keeping systems of records that provide a competitive advantage – like customer data and business IP – on the mainframe.
COVID-19 may have been the impetus behind digital transformation for many enterprises, as they were forced to adapt to remote works and an onslaught of novel challenges. The pandemic sped up investments in solutions like hybrid cloud – but it also introduced new business and technology risks that cannot be overlooked. Business leaders, especially CIOs, must embrace new ways of working, privacy and regulatory demands and technology infrastructures spanning mainframe to cloud.  Modernizing content and IT systems management will be a vital step in laying that foundation for modernization.

To explore more details on these findings, please download the complete survey report, What’s Slowing Modernization? Barriers Hindering Enterprise IT Systems and Content Management, here, or watch this highlight video. You can also learn more about ASG’s Content Services (Mobius) on this product page, and ASG’s IT systems management portfolio here.