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ASG Helps Open Mainframe Project Accelerate Change on IBM Z

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said, “Change is the only constant in life.” This is particularly true in the world of technology, but the IBM mainframe community has taken it to heart in recent years—from IBM introducing new IBM Z models and the continuous delivery of z/OS functionality, to mainframe teams adopting DevOps and continuous integration/continuous delivery.

It’s for these reasons ASG continues to advance its mainframe performance, operations and applications management solutions: to help customers continue driving change in their organizations. That’s also why ASG joined the Open Mainframe Project in 2021.

What Is the Open Mainframe Project?

The Open Mainframe Project is a community-driven project managed by the Linux Foundation to grow and innovate the use of Linux and open source software on the mainframe. The community consists of ISVs like ASG as well as academic institutions and other organizations familiar to many in the technology and mainframe space like SHARE.

Within the Open Mainframe Project are projects addressing critical needs in the mainframe ecosystem. A project that ASG is keen to contribute to is ZOWE, an open-source framework—and the first open-source project based on z/OS—that allows mainframe teams to develop on IBM Z just like they would on a cloud platform. In the future, ASG customers and other organizations using ZOWE will gain immense benefit from ASG solutions that are ZOWE certified.

The Open Mainframe Project also offers opportunities to connect with others in the industry on specific topics through working group such as the COBOL Working Group, which exists “to promote and support the continued use of the COBOL language globally.” What’s more, this group is devoting much of its efforts to enabling the next generation of mainframe professionals by increasing the visibility of COBOL in college curriculums, which Dr. Cameron Seay—Adjunct Instructor, East Carolina University, and Chair, Open Mainframe Project COBOL Working Group—has blogged about extensively.

Big Changes Coming for ASG Mainframe Customers

The mainframe is alive and well, and it remains critical to many of our customers. In ASG Technologies 2021 Survey Report: What’s Slowing Modernization?, about half (49%) of respondents said most, if not all, of their core business functions still run on the mainframe today.

But more importantly, the mainframe platform and the culture, processes and tools surrounding it are rapidly modernizing to help organizations overcome disruption. Our same survey found 58% percent of respondents’ organizations have already adopted DevOps on the mainframe, and another 30% want to.

At ASG, we’re anxious to continue delivering new enhancements to our best-of-breed solutions, and to begin elevating those solutions even more through our involvement in the Open Mainframe Project.

Posted: 4/20/2021 8:00:00 AM by Mike Siemasz - Product Marketing Manager
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