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UK Digital Transformation Breakfast: AI meets DI

ASG hosted an executive breakfast and roundtable discussion on how organizations are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to fuel their digital transformation projects. Investments in AI are on the rise – with some studies showing 90% of companies have made some investment in AI. Today, AI is often reserved for theoretical applications, but ASG wants to help our customers understand how it can be used practically to reduce laborious tasks and support intelligent decision-making.
The goal of the breakfast was to examine how businesses can confidently assess and hit target timelines for their digital transformation projects by increasing the efficiency of their data inventory and proactively identifying issues. Moderated by Gary Chitan, ASG Head of Data Intelligence Solution UK/Ireland, and co-hosted with Zeeshan Khalid, Country Head UK at 4th-IR/Trestle, attendees covered topics such as:
  • discovering the cost of time-consuming, non-value-added reviews and analysis
  • increasing the time for intelligent decision-making
  • discovering and categorizing data more efficiently
  • identifying financial incentives for reducing the cost of technology declines
As artificial intelligence becomes a more central focus and investment for ASG customers, we wanted to use this opportunity to learn about their unique needs, initiatives and challenges. This is what we heard from them.
Feedback from the Frontlines
A prominent theme that emerged from the breakfast was that most of the companies represented are at the very beginning of their AI journeys – and in some cases, their digital transformation journeys. A common challenge facing these organizations – who are at the bottom of the maturity curve – is that there is no one-stop solution for AI. This is coupled with the fact that most of them have no guidance on their digital transformation journey.
Having a partner to navigate this emerging technology is critical – companies must avoid looking at AI solely through a technical lens when it should be business-driven as well. While many said they are looking for the right experts to assist them in their journey, they also shared cautionary tales of AI technology vendors aiming to find use cases in the customer environment. ASG hosted the breakfast with our partner 4th-IR, who said: the goal is to marry the correct partners with the right technology vendors – allowing synergy for people and process through experience and understanding the objective.
Attendees also voiced concerns about how AI and data intelligence (DI) products will be productionized or integrated. As 4th-IR pointed out, AI is easier to integrate if the organization has structured data management tools in place, enabling quicker time to market. ASG Data Intelligence helps organizations find, understand, share and trust data, which is a critical in building a data inventory and establishing a big data environment. Organizations should not start leveraging AI before completing either of these steps. If they feed bad, untrustworthy data into the AI technology, any decision-making or initiatives will be equally poor. When ASG works with our partners and customers – no matter where they are on the maturity curve – we make sure this foundation is laid first.
Following the breakfast, ASG and 4th-IR hosted a webinar on how the combination of AI and DI can enrich your data landscape and improve your understanding of your organization's data. Stay tuned for a blog post on the webinar, or watch it right here.