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ASG and Compuware: What You Need to Know about DevOps Today

The DevOps philosophy is one that resonates with most professionals in the IT industry. It focuses on communication and coordination across teams with the goal of providing better products and solutions to customers as efficiently as possible. DevOps is a result of streamlining an organization to make it more flexible, dynamic and ultimately effective – which is necessary for today’s ever-growing, sprawling enterprises. When businesses implement a DevOps culture, it enables them to implement changes effectively and on time. As more companies adopt DevOps for their commercial and technology strategies, there are a few things we want them to know.

The Next Decade of DevOps

Today, the mainframe market is just starting to understand how DevOps applies to this traditional platform. In fact, according to Google Trends, interest in DevOps increased 476% between 2015 and 2020. We predict that in the next two to three years, companies will mature their DevOps practices to embrace the mainframe – and those that do not will fall behind the competition. The reality is that DevOps adoption will only accelerate and expand as organizations seek to be more agile in a world filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

In the next 10 years, more business processes will be automated from end to end, and end users will continue to expect high-quality, robust software that meets their needs. Software developers at companies delivering SaaS will expect their code to be automatically tested, integrated and delivered to end users. In response, the mainframe will continue evolving and remain the most reliable platform for high-volume business – and as such, must be involved in the DevOps strategy.

DevOps Strategy and the Mainframe

The mainframe is critically important to industries that keep the global economy going, such as banking, government, insurance and healthcare. Each of those industries (and others) employ COBOL programmers, JCL developers and systems integration specialists to provide services to the business. With mainframe at the heart of the datacenter in so many critical industries, it should certainly be included in the enterprise DevOps strategy. Yet, because so many people dismissed the mainframe after Y2K, it has been a late addition to DevOps thinking.

Ultimately, the mainframe is still the best platform for high-volume transaction processing, security and resiliency. As companies fully integrate their mainframes with their DevOps strategies, they will see larger benefits from their mainframes and therefore continue their investment in the platform. With this long-term investment, it will be critical that today’s knowledgeable, competent and experienced developers mentor the younger generation – as the demographic of mainframe pros will have almost completely shifted away from Baby Boomers.

Compuware + ASG = DevOps for the Future

Compuware’s Topaz® Workbench presented a unique opportunity for our companies to join forces and improve the mainframe DevOps toolchain. From the simple click of a button on the toolbar, ASG-PRO/JCL validates all the components of the JCL, validates company standards and so much more. Many JCL developers expect to work with a JCL management solution on the 3270 “green screen” emulator, and now the newer generation of mainframe developer will do the same in Topaz with ASG-PRO/JCL.

Uniting ASG mainframe productivity solutions with Compuware’s DevOps solutions makes our joint customers’ lives easier. JCL developers who love working with Compuware’s Topaz Workbench can now easily scan that code with ASG-PRO/JCL. Our tight integration makes the process seamless from the Topaz Workbench. Developers working in Topaz can stay in that interface and scan JCL to receive the detailed feedback they’ve come to rely on with ASG-PRO/JCL.

ASG’s partnership with Compuware – who became a Technology Alliance partner in 2019 – exemplifies our mindset that we are better together. Our joint customers will be equipped not only to include mainframe in their DevOps management but also manage code across multiple lifecycle delivery environments, so they empowered to efficiently step into the future.

To learn more about how ASG and Compuware are empowering our mutual customers for mainframe and DevOps success, read this data sheet and this blog post about ASG-PRO/JCL.

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