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Blog > April 2019 > Additional Big Data and Cloud Analyzers Deliver Value from An Ever-Increasing Range of Data Sources

Additional Big Data and Cloud Analyzers Deliver Value from An Ever-Increasing Range of Data Sources

In December 2018, we released Data Intelligence 9.8. This release provided a single control point for understanding where personal data resides across the data estate by automating identification across unstructured and structured data sources. With this week’s announcement of new and enhanced analyzers for big data, cloud and NoSQL technologies, ASG continues to extend the reach of our data governance, metadata management and data catalog capabilities to include several pervasive data technologies. ASG customers and partners can now identify and leverage value from the wide variety of modern data sources that are being adopted in their organizations.
A New World of Data Management

Exploring new data sources can lead to ideas for new products and services. Migrating data and applications to the cloud can reduce and move costs from capital to operating budgets. Deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence can reveal new insights into business operations and ways to enhance customer experiences. The data strategy is now closer to the business strategy, and this trend has elevated the Chief Data Officer to become a key executive in many organizations.
It’s important to note that this new data world also brings new challenges in the form of increased risk. (As Peter Parker’s uncle said, “with big data, comes big responsibility” – well, I paraphrase.) Data Governance also gets harder. Access to more data means additional governance decisions need to be made quicker, across a decentralized environment. Manual processes simply can’t keep up. Automation is required to effectively understand, trust and govern the variety of data flowing into big data storage. And the combination of more data and smarter analytics increases the chance of wrong decisions. “To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer” isn’t a new idea – but with new data and analytics, the risk and impact of errors keeps growing. Businesses must adopt Data Governance to meet the requirements of this new world – with automation and flexibility to establish appropriate trust – and with agility for the intended use of data.
The data infrastructure is also extending beyond the business premises into multi-cloud and hybrid cloud storage environments. This shift introduces new challenges for users seeking to find data and for extending governance into complex environments that include on-premises, private and increasingly more than one public cloud. Companies must adopt “best fit” data models that are the “best fit” for specific problems. However, these models may make data wrangling and preparation more complex. Using and governing data effectively requires organizations to generate and view information supply chains and map them across these extended environments. ASG’s expanded reach with connections to pervasive cloud and Big Data technologies helps organizations find, understand, share and trust their data, no matter where it’s stored.
Building Data Value, Avoiding Data Risk

Getting value from data and avoiding risks means knowing the source, purpose, use and reliability of data. ASG Data Intelligence automatically identifies data elements from more than 230 popular enterprise sources to understand the breadth and depth of data managed throughout the organization. The library of ASG Intelligent Data Analyzers has been extended to include additional cloud and big data sources from (among others) Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Apache, Neo4j and Pivotal.

Building for the Future

The data explosion is just starting. The rate at which new data technologies are being introduced to the market and adopted by companies who are (or are striving to be) data-driven is growing rapidly. ASG’s Intelligent Data Analyzer framework enables ASG, our partners and customers to keep up with this dramatic growth. Its API structure, technology-agnostic data model and plug-in architecture allows our partners to add to the range of IDA analyzers. It enables better, safer business decisions by accelerating the connection between using these technologies and maximizing their business value. It applies the automation needed to empower business stakeholders to easily find, understand and access trusted data to derive new insights and drive competitive business outcomes.

To learn more, read the full release. For more information on how ASG’s Data Intelligence capabilities can help you deliver trusted actionable data visit this page.
Posted: 4/23/2019 12:43:38 AM by Rob Perry
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