Access and Control on the Go

Capture any condition that may result in poor or degraded service delivery in a timely manner with ASG. With these tools, you’ll be able to manage your network from virtually any desktop.

Your customers, regardless of whether they are internal or external, expect perfect IT delivery of business services. Organizations that cannot continuously deliver a superior end-user experience run the risk of lost business opportunities and fewer customer advocates.

ASG’s TMON network monitoring tools provide you with full visibility into your network ensuring you understand when problems are impacting your end-users before they call the help desk.


  • Monitor TCP/IP hosts and routers in real time
  • Analyze resource utilization and contention
  • Take action before thresholds are exceeded
  • Identify and correct performance anomalies
  • Perform historical reporting for trend analysis and service-level agreement verification

ASG’s tools are strategically engineered to:

  • Control
  • Monitor
  • Manage
  • Enhance your network
  • Help you understand the response time being experienced by your end-users

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