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For Enterprise Performance Management on z/OS

ASG-NaviPlex and ASG-NaviGraph -Operating System Performance Management combine availability and performance data from all ASG-TMON performance monitors for a complete enterprise-wide view of performance related information, ensuring business application availability.

ASG-NaviPlex combines real-time availability and performance data from all ASG-TMON monitors enterprise-wide into one Windows® application and consolidates all TMON-generated exceptions enterprise-wide into one report. ASG-NaviGraph is an enterprise systems management reporting solution on Windows® that addresses critical health and service level reporting needs. It allows the customer to report on hundreds of "recent past" metrics from every ASG-TMON product on z/OS.

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    • Displays and manipulates performance management data for multiple processor complexes, even geographically dispersed systems
    • Leverages a ranked list of factors that relate to the problem being analyzed, even across systems and subsystems
    • Actions available using conditions across multiple alerts generated include: email, WTO, SNMP and drill down to TMON products
    • Captures information based on triggered conditions in: HTML, XML, .CSV, .JPEG for reporting and use by third party applications
    • Organizes multiple reports and charts in a single workspace for review of related information
    • Includes over 150 reports and graphs to analyze performance trends and research problems. Allows creation of customer reports
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    • Provides real-time and historical performance monitoring improving business application availability
    • Consolidated enterprise-wide view with drill down to the TMON product to address issues, improving mean time to resolution
    • Trend analysis to quickly identify anomolies
    • Out of the box and custom graphical views of graphs, charts and spreadsheet-style reports for ease of use and reporting
    • Automatically discovers TMON products installed, simplifying installation and administration