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Manage Mainframe Performance in End-to-End Value Streams

As your organization accelerates digital transformation to cope with constant change, your infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams must ensure the IT systems supporting that change are optimized for healthy performance and agile availability—from mainframe to cloud.

ASG-TMON® for Mainframe Performance

ASG-TMON is a highly integrated set of mainframe performance monitors that enable your I&O team to optimize the health, availability and performance of your IBM Z mainframe operating systems, middleware, databases and network components.

Through ASG-TMON ONE, you can unite the powerful capabilities of of ASG-TMON with ASG-TMON PA in one suite of multi-platform performance and capacity solutions.

ASG-TMON Benefits

Improve Mainframe System Availability

Optimize performance to reduce downtime and ensure more work is performed at scale, at a lower error rate and at a lower cost

Make Optimal Use of Mainframe Capacity

Combine the power of performance monitoring, reporting, analysis and capacity planning by integrating with ASG-TMON PA

Increase Cross-Team Collaboration

Easily shift between integrated ASG-TMON solutions with a common look and feel across mainframe systems

Reduce Capital Expenditures

Ensure planned budgets and projects that generate revenue and enhance margin aren’t negatively impacted

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Easy installation, maintenance and training across ASG-TMON solutions with a common look and feel helps lower TCO

See how ASG-TMON improves mainframe performance and system health

ASG-TMON Capabilities

Proactively Identify Issues

Address issues faster with advanced early warnings and enterprise-wide performance views

Accelerate Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Reduce time-to-fix of mainframe issues that are resulting from system and application downtime and driving up costs

View Performance Across Mainframe Systems

Identify bottlenecks and issues across IBM z/OS, Db2, CICS, IMS, VTAM, TCP/IP and MQ for a complete view of performance

Measure and Monitor Mainframe Health

Gain visibility into mainframe system health based on key performance indicators and IBM best practices

Optimize End-to-End Value Streams

Improve mainframe health to ensure optimal performance in complex DevOps value streams spanning multiple platforms

Learn more in the ASG-TMON brochure

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“By rapidly correcting problems and by proactively preventing problem, we maintain and improve our service levels and provide our users with seamless 24x7 IT infrastructure support.”

-David Wade CIO, Executive Vice-President Primerica, Inc.

Optimize Performance & Capacity in Hybrid IT Value Streams - Mainframe to Cloud

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Ensure the Health of Your Hybrid IT Infrastructure - Mainframe to Cloud

ASG-TMON Performance and Availability Components

Improve IT utilization with automated analysis, reporting, modeling and capacity planning


Manage Transaction System Performance


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