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For a Complete View Into the Performance of Your Mainframes, Their Peripherals, and the Level of Resources Being Used

ASG-TMON Performance Analyzer (PA) for z/OS allows you to take full advantage of and optimize one of the most sophisticated operating environments available today – z/OS, CICS TS, DB2 and Tape Libraries.

ASG-TMON PA for z/OS allows you to understand your mainframe from the inside out. When combined with ASG-TMON PA modules for VMware, UNIX, Linux, and Windows, and Application Servers, ASG-TMON PA delivers an end-to-end systems management solution that enables cross-platform analysis, reporting, modeling, management and optimization of physical and virtual environments for total visibility.

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    • Manage z/OS, CICS TS and DB2 all in one performance management product using either IBM SMF or ASG-TMON monitors for z/OS, CICS TS, DB2 data input
    • View discovered metrics graphically
    • Perform simulation modeling of the LPAR environment to determine optimal LPAR configuration
    • Look back upon historical trend analysis of resource usage over all key resources
    • Manage your 4-hour rolling average of MSU's to contain costs
    • Anticipate service levels breaches caused by new applications, worst-case spikes, and unique IT growth initiatives
    • Manage utilization and "what if" scenario modeling of zIIP specialty engines
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    • Make better decisions based on in-depth z/OS workloads.
    • Utilize in-depth trending and forecasting for DB2, CICS TS, z/OS Modeling, and Business Unit Analysis to eliminate risk and plan for future utilization needs
    • Quickly measure and assess the impact of Capacity-On-Demand and its resulting effect on workloads
    • Perform enterprise-wide management regardless of platform or geographic location
    • Realize fast ROI via hardware, software licensing, and operational cost savings
    • Utilize fully automated analysis, reporting, and integrated web publishing for total control and visibility
    • Manage sub capacity licensing with predictive forecasting to prevent costly overruns.
    • Centralize control of your entire IT infrastructure to dramatically reduce administrative and gain consistent analysis, reporting and collaboration by SME's
    • Integrate with ASG-TMON monitoring products for z/OS, CICS TS and DB2 providing a complete performance management solution