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For Visibility and Insight to Avoid Problems, Reduce Costs, and Do More With Less for UNIX and Linux Platforms

ASG-TMON Performance Analyzer (PA) for UNIX and Linux is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution for enterprises seeking to bring clarity to the management complexity of their UNIX and Linux systems.

ASG-TMON PA for UNIX and Linux provides automated, enterprise-wide collection, analysis, and reporting of performance metrics, and eliminates guesswork from capacity management and system troubleshooting. It strengthens organizational communication by providing clear, concise IT information on-demand and without human intervention, anywhere and anytime it’s needed. The automation saves time and effort for IT staff, freeing it for higher-level planning and management work. And informed, timely analysis and enterprise-wide view enables IT to become a contributing partner in seeing, setting and achieving business goals and objectives.

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    • Compile enterprise-wide UNIX and Linux performance data in a centralized data repository for comprehensive reporting, trending, forecasting and analysis
    • View graphical representations of discovered metrics for UNIX and Linux performance
    • Manage capacity to avoid bottlenecks or system vulnerabilities
    • Enable system administrators to work proactively rather than reactively
    • Manage multiple systems and thousands of servers from a single point of control
    • No guesswork performance tuning and purchase decisions
    • Optimized IT Infrastructure with dramatic reductions in unused capacity, overhead, unaligned IT resources and human error
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    • High scalability allows central management of systems regardless of size, even if you’re managing multiple systems with thousands of servers and workstations
    • Trending capabilities provides vital information required to take the guesswork out of IT purchasing decisions
    • Centralized control from one location, drastically reducing administrative overhead and human error
    • Modeling option previews the impact of change down to the workload level, providing capital expenditure control, streamlining server consolidation projects, and preventing costly outages or acquisition of incorrect resources
    • Easily adapts to unique configurations and security issues
    • Produce sophisticated, role-based reports and view resources by service, line of business, location, application, and more
    • Compatible with AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, as well as SuSE and Red Hat Linux