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For current and historical performance information for accurate tuning, maintenance, and capacity analysis of Oracle instances

ASG-TMON® PA for Oracle provides current and historical performance information for accurate tuning, maintenance, and capacity analysis of your Oracle instances. A must for mission-critical operations, ASG-TMON® PA for Oracle automatically provides comprehensive data collection, analysis, and reporting on Oracle I/O, memory and resource usage, and many other performance and capacity metrics.

ASG-TMON® PA for Oracle reduces complex data into informed analysis and information, improving the ability of IT executives to converse about business applications in terms their internal and external customers can understand. It strengthens organizational communication by providing clear, concise Oracle application and subsystem information on-demand anywhere and anytime it’s needed.

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    • Provides agent-less collection of Oracle-based performance information
    • Complements Oracle monitoring tools, such as OPERA, with historical data collection and trending capabilities of resource usage, transaction volume, and growth rates
    • Provides informed, timely analysis and enterprise-wide views that further enable IT to become a contributing partner in seeing, setting, and achieving strategic business goals and objectives
    • Easy to install and use, installing in hours versus days or weeks with alternative offerings
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    • Saves time and effort for IT staff, freeing it for higher-level planning and management work
    • Provides daily and historical views of Oracle use and performance 
    • Includes standard counters that provide out-of-box usability. Hundreds of additional counters available for custom tuning and troubleshooting 
    • Analyzes Oracle resource consumption, services usage, transaction profiles, internal queuing, response-time components, and wait times valuate Oracle service levels, response-time targets, transaction volumes, and response-time distributions 
    • Seamlessly works and reports with ASG-TMON® PA products for host systems (UNIX, Linux, z/OS, or Windows) 
    • Uses native Oracle security policies