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A Complete J2EE Application Server Performance Management Solution for Any J2EE 1.4+ Compliant Application Servers

ASG-TMON® PA for App Servers is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution for enterprises seeking to bring clarity to the management complexity of their J2EE Application Servers. ASG-TMON® PA for App Servers provides the information and analysis needed to provide highly performing and scalable applications to your business, by matching the long-term demands placed on the server infrastructure to your business cycles. It supports any J2EE 1.4 compliant application servers.

ASG-TMON® PA for App Servers provides a holistic view of performance and capacity planning for your entire enterprise with consistent UI, graphing and reporting. It provides proactive and reactive capabilities for enterprise resource management.

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    • Encompasses IBM zSystems and distributed platform operating systems, transaction managers, databases and application servers providing you with a single point solution to consistently address your performance management and reporting needs
    • Provides an agent based solution, integrated into the robust ASG-TMON® PA Analyst and Client UI, and is also available in the ASG-TMON® PA Portal web browser
    • Provides real-time and long-term trending views and analysis
    • Provides real-time alerts on issues
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    • Provides proactive and reactive capabilities for enterprise resource management
    • Provides cross-platform visibility to the entire IT enterprise infrastructure through a single, easy-to-use interface for all ASG-TMON® PA supported platforms:
      • z/OS, zLINUX, Linux, Windows, UNIX, VMWare
      • CICS TS, DB2 DB, J2EE App Servers, Oracle DB, Sybase DB, SQL Server DB
    • Allows centralized capacity and performance management of application servers
    • Allows you to interactively view charts of summarized performance metrics for the application server(s) that you are monitoring