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Monitor System Availability with Business Performance Management Software

ASG-TMON’s solutions help organizations achieve IT systems performance goals. The computing environment can be monitored and managed from the supporting systems, applications, components, and platforms to the actual end-user experience

ASG’s solutions deliver everything organizations need to maximize IT management, performance, and availability with the fastest time-to-implementation and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). The ASG-TMON family of products for the IBM zSeries platform provides comprehensive solutions that monitor and manage the health, availability, and performance of the system and subsystem resources that power critical business applications across the z/OS and z/VSE enterprise. ASG accomplishes this by uniquely combining all ASG-TMON products into a highly integrated set of performance monitors. In addition, ASG-TMON ensures that operating systems, middleware, databases, and network components operate efficiently and effectively.

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    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    • Integrated technology silo solution
    • Shortest time to install and ease of use
    • One stop vendor for all monitor needs
    • Centralized SysPlex monitoring
    • Integration and Common look and feel
    • Easy installation and maintenance
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    • Effective business service availability
    • Ensure the end user experience 
    • Control costs
    • Improve product user productivity
    • Faster problem Mean Time To Resolution