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Monitor and Manage the Performance of Messaging and Middleware

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Do you have messages that do not arrive in the queues when and where they are expected? Comprehensively monitor and manage your IBM MQ environments with ASG to ensure the availability of applications and the delivery of business services.

Now you can have the tools you need to manage IBM’s MQ environment for your IT enterprise:

  • Collects and analyzes IBM MQ performance data
  • Monitors all aspects of a IBM MQ environment
  • Prevents problems that threaten the availability and performance of IBM MQ
  • Identifies and displays problems in each monitored queue manager
  • Ensures achievement of performance goals by monitoring each channel

The ASG IBM MQ Product Suite enables your enterprise to:

  • Complete configuration management
  • Manage queue administration
  • Process exceptions
  • Monitor performance for local and remote IBM MQ environments 

Product Components

  • ASG-TMON for MQ provides expert management support of IBM MQ. Features such as online historical and batch reporting, automatic dead letter queue processing, and color-coded exception alerting make it an excellent complement tool.
  • ASG-TMON for MQ Enterprise Edition allows for recovery of IBM MQ queue managers and associated objects and does not compete for bandwidth in the same IBM MQ channel as your mission-critical messages.
  • ASG TMON MQ z/OS and Distributed Platform are tightly integrated to allow users to view/manage the entire IBM MQ enterprise from either traditional 3270 screens on z/OS or Graphical User Interface on distributed platforms.