Manage Performance and Capacity Across Technology Silos

Enterprises are accelerating digital transformation efforts to cope with constant change. More than ever, they are relying on infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams to be agile in managing the performance and capacity of mainframe, distributed and cloud platforms mission-critical applications rely on. The faster I&O teams identify and resolve performance and capacity bottlenecks across these systems, the more value can be delivered to the business and customers.

ASG-TMON PA is a robust portfolio of performance management and capacity monitoring solutions that integrate across mainframes, distributed and cloud platforms. Advanced interfaces provide intelligent enterprise-wide business views of performance and capacity value streams that allow organizations to manage IT resource utilization, future capacity demand and service level impacts, giving I&O teams the ability to respond quickly to issues and work proactively to better support the value streams the business and customers rely on.


The future of performance and capacity management

TMON PA Scope, the newest TMON PA web-based interface, provides a graphical view of near-real-time and historical alerts and metrics aggregated across technology silos. Gaining a business-level view of siloed technology processes in a single value stream allows organizations to reduce the mean time to repair of system bottlenecks, improving the ability to deliver more value faster.

ASG-TMON PA Benefits

Accelerate Business Value Delivery

Identify and resolve issues at a faster rate to mitigate bottlenecks in business-critical value streams

Increase Productivity

Automate time-consuming tasks and eliminate silos with a single, integrated solution for cross-platform monitoring and analysis

Reduce Storage Costs

Accurately predict SAN storage requirements and save on terabytes of storage capacity per year

Avoid Overprovisioning of New Workloads

Right-size the corresponding infrastructure when new workloads are introduced

Improve Your Bottom Line

Ensure IT capacity is cost-effective in meeting business requirements to avoid unplanned CAPEX

Ready to see how TMON PA improves performance and capacity for business value streams?

ASG TMON PA Capabilities

Align Technology with Business Objectives

Gain an end-to-end view of mainframe, distributed and cloud infrastructures for accurate performance and capacity analysis

Optimize IT Infrastructure

Automate analysis, reporting, modeling and forecasting to effectively plan, manage and optimize across IT platforms

Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Accelerate identification and repair of bottlenecks across siloed systems in value streams with automation and visualization

Proactively Plan and Avoid Problems

Leverage historic data to predict future trouble spots and plan for future requirements

Drive Faster Decisions from Data

Remove manual effort and automatically analyze enterprise-wide physical and virtual performance metrics and data to identify issues and opportunities

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“ASG-TMON® PA Scope will give us the advantage of visualizing our siloed systems and environments in a single value stream where we can automatically identify and prioritize issues and resolve them with agility.”

-I&O Leader at a Large Healthcare Organization

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