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Cross-Platform Scheduling and Workload Automation

ASG-Zena is a robust, enterprise-wide workload management solution for distributed operations environments that support “event-based” scheduling as well as traditional time and date-based scheduling methodologies.

ASG-Zena provides non-invasive integration of legacy applications, ERP, and newer, “message aware” environments such as .NET and J2EE that offer advanced IT process automation. From a single console, users can manage workloads and several scheduling points across multiple platforms, including Windows , as well as multiple UNIX and Linux operating environments and on the AS/400. ASG-Zena improves efficiency and reduces costs. It also offers exception-based management, a highly scalable component-based architecture, fault tolerance, role-based security, and graphical drag-and-drop workload definition.

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    • Enables event-based scheduling along with time and date-based methodologies
    • Provides integration of legacy applications, ERP, .NET, J2EE, and others
    • Automates and integrates advanced IT processes across diverse applications, including those from SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Siebel
    • Features exception-based management, a highly scalable architecture, fault tolerance, role-based security, and graphical drag-and-drop workload definition
    • Manages multiple scheduling points from diverse platforms through a single console
    • Supports Multiple Platforms, including Windows
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    • Facilitates end-to-end, integrated workload management across multiple operating environments
    • Offers unmatched scalability and integration capabilities to execute hundreds of thousands of workloads
    • Provides VMWare interfaces for automated provisioning and management
    • Extends centralized management to business application environments such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle
    • Enables script-less integration and automation across multiple environments such as J2EE, .NET, Websphere, and Web services
    • Offers a centralized console to manage multiple server environments
    • Provides exception management with extensive alert and proactive component monitoring and notification capabilities
    • Enhances flexibility with customizable views and reporting while automating corrective actions
    • IT process automation capabilities enabled through extensive integration facilities and a robust graphical interface

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