Multi-Platform IT Operations and Batch Job Scheduling system

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As today’s dynamic enterprise IT environments increase in complexity, so does the challenge of managing multi-platform job scheduling. ASG’s cross-platform job scheduling products help you reduce the complexity in automating processes to minimize risk related to user error.

Multi-Platform Scheduling Enables Your Enterprise to:

  • Dynamically queue and dispatch batch jobs for greater reliability
  • Actively listen to all events on the subsystem interface for maximum control of your job schedule easier to manage
  • Issue console commands and substitute variables to make the most demanding job schedule easier to manage
  • Perform step-level condition code verification so that jobs restarts at the optimum point
  • Perform job schedule balancing, forecasting and simulation to make sure an expanding batch job schedule will fit into the shrinking batch window.
  • Pre-stage JCL using multi-vendor scanning product interface to reduce execution time errors and promote accepted test cases directly into Production
  • Replace console operator replies with programmed responses for improved efficiency
  • Monitors, manages, record, protect, track and vault all tape processing
  • Improve productivity with process rerun management that monitors jobs and restarts as appropriate
  • Multi-platform managed file transfer consolidates current disparate data transfer mechanisms into a secure, enterprise-wide solution

“In Zena, ASG has created a robust process orchestration and scheduling system, which allows our IT teams to bring the centralized visibility in a distributed, cloud-based world in a simplified way. With ASG, our team quickly solves complex integrations scenarios.”

Eric Carson


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