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Modernize JCL Management and Strengthen Mainframe DevOps

Mission-critical mainframe applications are necessary components of value streams that help your organization meet business transformation and DevOps needs. Job control language (JCL) is the driving force behind those mainframe applications. Given its complexity, it can quickly become a DevOps bottleneck if mismanaged.

With ASG JCL management products, you can equip your operations teams to uphold an error-free, standardized and optimized z/OS ecosystem. Bringing JCL into your DevOps toolchain and improving enterprise agility and responsiveness is no longer a barrier.

ASG JCL Management Products

ASG JCL management products support IBM Z mainframe environments of any size, from single-system sysplex to parallel sysplex. This ensures your team can efficiently and effectively operate and manage JCL assets—regardless of z/OS environment complexity or application development approach.


Provides the most advanced JCL management and DevOps capabilities for large z/OS environments

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ASG-JOB/SCAN with DevOps

Provides standard JCL scanning and validation plus DevOps capabilities for single-system sysplex z/OS environments

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Provides standard JCL scanning and validation for single-system sysplex z/OS environments

Financial Services Company Uses ASG-PRO/JCL To Modernize Devops and Drive Productivity

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ASG JCL Management Benefits

Simplify JCL Management

Reduce the complexity of JCL management through DevOps capabilities, more integrations and increased automation

Increase Developer Productivity

Reduce the elapsed time of the JCL maintenance cycle, increasing capacity for developers to add more value to the business

Improve Production Quality

Detect JCL inconsistencies before execution to ensure error-free production runs, and easily make changes to production environments

Improve Responsiveness to Change

Reduce mainframe bottlenecks to meet service level agreements more reliably

Reduce Costs

Eliminate costly re-running of production jobs

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ASG JCL Management Capabilities

Plug JCL into Your DevOps Toolchain

Manage JCL from popular DevOps interfaces, including Compuware Topaz Workbench and IBM IDz

Automate JCL Processes

Integrate with leading CI/CD automation tools for increased automation and extension your DevOps toolchain

Make Uniform Changes Across Production

Reduce errors and save time with global and selective JCL changes in production

Automate JCL Standards Enforcement

Ensure consistency with JCL while providing maximum flexibility to comply with everchanging governance rules

Increase Throughput and Value

Reduce backlog and production turnover to increase system throughput and the delivery of value

Implement Syntax Validation

Locate invalid parameters and format errors

Enable Run-Time Validation

Identify missing data sets, PDS members not found and other resources that are required for a successful job run

Ready to see how ASG JCL Management Offerings improve enterprise agility and DevOps?

“Our developers love the Remote Scanning that ASG-PRO/JCL provides. The Eclipse plug-in opens doors to maximize our mainframe DevOps tooling by allowing developers to validate their JCL from within one interface”

-Leading Multinational Financial Services Company

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