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Validate JCL and Identify Problems Quickly

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Enjoy a validation product specifically designed to help any data center operate and manage JCL assets so that production and batch processing is error free.

Can you maintain Job Control Language (JCL) throughout its lifecycle when running mission-critical mainframe applications?

Consistent JCL formats that adhere to organizational standards help improve productivity and efficiency. When JCL statements across all JCL members are consistent, programmers and production control analysts have a common basis to help them to quickly identify and resolve any problems that arise.

ASG’s JCL Management products enable your enterprise to:

  • Eliminate costly reruns
  • Meet service level agreements
  • Automatically enforce site standards
  • Reduce backlog at production turnover
  • Improve the overall JCL maintenance cycle

ASG’s widely-accepted JCL Management products  are fully featured for JCL validation and standards enforcement and easy to use.

Product Components:

  • ASG-JCLPREP for Analyzing JCL and Enforcing JCL Standards and Syntax
  • ASG-JOB/SCAN for Comprehensive Production JCL Management
  • ASG-PRO/JCL for Advanced Production JCL Management