Manage DevOps Value Streams from Mainframe to Cloud

Take control of your end-to-end DevOps value streams—from mainframe to cloud—and align your business strategy with software development to deliver solutions to customers with higher quality, velocity and efficiency than ever before.

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator for True Cross-Platform DevOps Orchestration

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator is a DevOps value stream management platform easily deployed with Docker containers that enables infrastructure and operations (I&O) and DevOps teams to visualize, orchestrate and automate operational and development value streams, from mainframe to cloud, making it possible to optimize business process flows, improve resource efficiency, and accelerate the delivery of innovation to end users and customers.

Enterprise Orchestrator Graphic

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator Benefits

Optimize Software Development and Delivery

Increase the quality, velocity and efficiency of delivery through cross-platform DevOps value streams, from mainframe to cloud

Extend DevOps Collaboration

Improve alignment of IT and your business across multiple teams and platforms from a single, intuitive DevOps solution

Increase Enterprise Agility

Easily shift workloads from the mainframe to other platforms and back again as business and technology plans dictate

Elevate DevSecOps

Ensure security is built into every step of your cross-platform DevOps value streams to protect your business and customers

Increase Workload Throughput

Visualize and manage the execution of thousands of workloads across end-to-end DevOps value streams

Improve Business and IT End-User Productivity

Replace ad-hoc scripting and manual data collection with value stream visibility, maintainability and auditability to support business and IT roles

Reduce Value Stream Complexity

Ease your ability to manage end-to-end value streams across technology stacks and systems, from mainframe to cloud

Simplify Value Stream Governance

Centralize configuration, visibility and management of DevOps value streams across platforms and applications

Advance DevOps Value Stream Management with ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator Capabilities

Design and Visualize Value Streams

Use intuitive, browser-based whiteboarding to design and visualize development and operational value streams

Orchestrate Cross-Platform Value Streams

Orchestrate development and operational value streams across systems, applications, technologies and platforms from a single console

Automate DevOps Toolchains

Integrate and automate existing tools in your DevOps toolchain to power end-to-end orchestration of planning, building, testing, releasing, deploying, operating and monitoring application code

Promote Secure Changes for DevSecOps

Easily create packages of proposed changes to be accepted into higher environments in DevOps value streams by someone with proper security

Integrate Application Workloads

Integrate work executed in leading platforms and applications including AmazonS3, Hadoop, ServiceNow, SAP and others

Configure and Delegate Tasks

Configure and delegate task management to proprietary schedulers where they exist and directly manage jobs and workloads where they do not

Gain Real-Time Views

Use dashboards and action-oriented views of real-time value stream status and progress to correct errors impacting execution

Manage Workload Automation and Scheduling

Leverage the same advanced workload automation and scheduling features available in ASG-Zena

CyberArk Certified

To combat major security challenges, ASG Technologies has partnered with CyberArk, the global leader in privileged access security, to help its customers achieve stronger security around privileged accounts, credentials and secrets. The CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution’s credential vaulting capabilities bring a critical layer of security to ASG’s customers, protecting their customers’ data, infrastructure and assets in the cloud and throughout the DevOps pipeline.

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