Orchestrate, Govern, Execute Critical Value Streams

One solution for Infrastructure & Operations and DevOps leaders and teams to manage and control end-to-end value streams spanning on-premises, mainframe, cloud and hybrid platforms.

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator provides self-service tools enabling teams to automate end-to-end processes and value streams. Developers, administrators and architects use it to coordinate, monitor, and manage work for processes across operating systems, platforms and enterprise software packages from a single console.

ASG Enterprise Orchestrator Benefits

Enhance Productivity & Performance

Achieve value stream success rates to as high as four nines (99.99%)

Simplify Governance

Centralize configuration, visibility and management of simple to complex value streams across platforms and applications

Increase Scale

Visualize and manage execution of thousands of workloads across value streams

Improve Workload Flexibility

Shift workloads from mainframe to other platforms and back again as business and technology plans dictate

Achieve Fast Time to Value

Configure and manage value streams spanning multiple technology stacks and applications, from mainframe to the cloud

Ready To See ASG Enterprise Orchestrator?

ASG Enterprise Orchestrator Capabilities

Orchestration Visualization

Intuitive, browser-based experience for designing and visualizing value stream orchestration

Application Workload Integration

Integrate work executed in leading platforms and applications including AmazonS3, Hadoop, ServiceNow, SAP and others

Value Stream Configuration

Configure and delegate task management to proprietary schedulers where they exist and directly manage jobs & workloads where they do not

Cloud to Mainframe Support

End-to-end value stream orchestration across technology stacks and all your critical systems, cloud to mainframe

Real-time Views

Dashboards and action-oriented views of real-time value stream status and progress, enabling administrators to correct errors impacting execution

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