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Automated Systems and Event Management

ASG-Zack seamlessly manages system events and console activities, eliminating the need for the customized manual scripting that is normally associated with complex automation tasks.

The processing power of today’s enterprise demands higher availability, service, and automation. To meet this challenge efficiently, solutions must reduce or eliminate manual intervention as well as automate complex systems. ASG-Zack, a comprehensive, rules-based solution for console automation in z/OS and z/VSE environments, monitors mainframe systems consoles and provides message-based automation for those systems. ASG-Zack also works in conjunction with ASG-Zena on distributed platforms to provide complete automation and to efficiently solve business problems.

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    • Automates and improves system reliability and maximizes IT resources
    • Supports advanced automation to ensure high availability and minimize system downtime
    • Reduces console traffic to maximize throughput Incorporates easy-to-use features and automatic actions that reduce costs