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Optimize Your Enterprise Workload Automation

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Gain access to a suite of tools to make clear sense of daily and future operation needs, so that your IT staff can respond quickly to today’s demand and plan for future growth.

You hear it all the time: do more with less! It has become the mantra of the past decade, particularly in IT. You are constantly falling victim to budget cuts and restraints; meanwhile, business continues to grow, new applications are added all the time, technology continues to change, and you find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with it all.

Make Sense of Your Changing Workload

ASG’s Operations Management Solution provides the tools you need to overcome the challenges of increased demand and expectations with fewer resources.

ASG solutions simplify both the complex day-to-day and longer-range operational tasks for operations decision-makers and IT administrators in both the mainframe data center and distributed IT environment.

Effectively scheduling, managing, and monitoring workloads across the enterprise is resource-intensive, often involves multiple scheduling tools, and provides little coordination and insight into the real-time activities happening across the business.

Components of Operations Success:

Manage Critical Mainframe Resources

Console Automation and Tape Management

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Mainframe Resources

Verify JCL and Identify Problems

JCL Management and Workload Enablement

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JCL Management

Automate Multi-Platform Workload Scheduling

Multiplatform Workload Automation

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Multiplatform Workload Automation