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For Quality Measurement

ASG-Recap is the quality measurement component of ASG-Existing Systems Workbench  (ESW), an integrated life cycle solution for managing your existing systems. Recap uses Analytical Engine to populate the Application Knowledge Repository (AKR), giving your IS professionals an automated tool for conducting a portfolio analysis of every application in your environment.

Recap presents measurement data in a format that dramatically improves your organization's decision support process, and it enables you to align business and technical goals.

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    • Measures metrics data, function-point analyses, program quality assessments, as well as intra- and inter-application comparisons and summaries  
    • Provides support for application management decisions
    • Improves staffing allocations for enhancement activities  
    • Identifies in-house applications in need of improvement  
    • Establishes and maintains quality standards  
    • Identifies which applications should be redeveloped, replaced, retired, maintained, or migrated  
    • Enables repeatable processes  
    • Provides industry-standard metrics required for repeatable application management processes 
    • Provides pre- and post-project application measurements required for mainframe application management