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For Understanding Applications

Application understanding is the one task that must be performed correctly and completely at the beginning of any it project. Manually, this task is time-consuming and difficult to perform accurately, but it can be simplified through the automation of ASG-Alliance, the application-understanding component of the ASG-Existing Systems Workbench™ (ESW®). It is an integrated solution for managing your existing systems by providing factual data to support informed decision-making.

ASG-Alliance improves productivity by enabling users to quickly determine the hidden ripple effects of changes within an application. It increases the flexibility of your staff by allowing any user to conduct in-depth, application-level impact analysis that previously required senior subject matter experts. ASG-Alliance also increases accuracy through comprehensive knowledge of the internal relationships of different application components.

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    • Enabling searches on any information stored in the Application Knowledge Repository (AKR)
    • Facilitating the rapid identification and content review of usage locations
    • Searching at the program or application level
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    • Identifying data items that are related through redefines or assignment statements (synonyms)
    • Providing attribute data about any data item in the application
    • Identifying copybooks and local definitions of the same data item (homonyms)