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A comprehensive understanding of your applications facilitates significant ROI, cost savings and optimization. ASG’s Application Portfolio Management module provides the details, mapping, and reporting necessary to facilitate significant improvements in your application productivity.

These increases will help you create opportunities for significant cost savings. With the ASG application knowledge base, you can enable your organization to leverage existing application assets to improve business agility and increase efficiencies.

Application Portfolio Management provides your enterprise with improved productivity through comprehensive application understanding and effective reporting.

Application Quality Management Products

  • ASG-Alliance provides a comprehensive understanding of application and program suites
  • ASG-Recap  presents measurement data from COBOL applications in a format that improves your organization's decision-support process.
  • ASG-Insight enhances the understanding of COBOL program flow and data usage for comprehensive view into application elements and relationships
  • ASG-Encore extracts functionally complete segments of COBOL code for reuse in new programs
  • ASG-SmartDoc provides reports to assist users evaluate, analyze and understand COBOL program code
  • ASG-SmartEdit provides language-sensitive source code editing capabilities that assist the programmer in making syntactically correct changes
  • ASG-Life Cycle Manager provides organizations with accurate change and control in multiple software configurations.