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The ASG-SmartTeam suite of testing tools help developers rapidly identify program problems, apply corrective solutions and test fixes. ASG-SmartTeam provides an integrated solution for debugging, fault management, data manipulation and application performance management linking test and production environments. Application quality needs are addressed across a spectrum of programming languages and database platforms for both batch and CICS.

Mainframe Application Testing Helps Your Enterprise:

  • Learn and become effective with, each tool in a wide range of environments, via a simple and easy-to-use common interface
  • Gain significant productivity improvements in ABEND problem resolution through integration between fault diagnosis and testing tools
  • Diagnose and resolve production problems quickly in the core mainframe environments
  • Enable a true production-level test environment by leveraging mainframe data sources

Mainframe Application Testing Products

Application Quality Management Products

  • ASG-SmartTest provides an integrated testing and debugging environment that supports Assembler, COBOL, and PL/1 environments
  • ASG-SmartScope provides high performance dump capture and fault analysis and diagnosis for Assembler, COBOL, and PL/1 environments
  • ASG-SmartFile provides easy access to multiple file z/OS file types, such a PDS, PDSE, SAM, and VSAM, as well as extensive support for managing DB2 tables
  • ASG-TriTune pinpoints and resolves issues that impact application performance
  • ASG-ValidDate manipulates the system date to evaluate the effect on application programs.