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Integrate Remedies for Recovery and Audit

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The ASG collection of CA-IDMS utilities help developers and production operations with tools for isolating faults as well as integrating multiple remedies for effective recovery and audit.

Legacy Application Testing Helps Your Enterprise:

  • Become effective with each tool in the extremely narrow range of CA-IDMS environments, via a simple and easy-to-use common interface
  • Gain significant productivity improvements in problem resolution through integration between Journal replications and shadow DB testing tools
  • Observe, understand, diagnose and resolve production problems quickly in multiple Central Versions CA-IDMS mainframe environments

Mainframe Application Testing Products

Application Quality Management Products

  • ASG-DBOL allows you to issue DML commands directly from your terminal and access any database record for inspection.
  • ASG-FastAccess reduces the CPU and run time of batch jobs to achieve the best performance improvement, using more efficient processing by added layer of buffering.
  • ASG-JournalManager manipulates journal archive files used in CA-IDMS recovery.
  • ASG-Replication Agent Agent extracts data from IDMS and loads it in to a relational target database either on z/OS or off platform to any SQL database i.e. DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, IDMS-R, etc.
  • ASG-Tracer unlocks information from the cryptic data stored on the CA-IDMS journals and reassembles it into a simple to use reformatted record file.
  • ASG-Virtual DB creates a self-contained copy of an existing database so that multiple users or groups of users can work with independent shadow files and share a single existing physical database with no coordination effort or data integrity issues.
  • ASG-PreAlert monitors IDMS activity and helps operations keep daily system productivity high and manage growing workloads.